Empowering Souls

I wrote this on March 29, 2010, over a year ago and it was chosen by my guides today; a day when nothing was given me to write and my archives were targeted as the source of information that would serve the greater good. Does it have something to do with rejuvenation? Perhaps. I will ask as seen what information comes my way.
I have a gift that makes me a little afraid. The kind of gift that sometimes leads to results that Divinity calls life lessons. Things like sickness, relationship breakups, dark nights of despair, purging and clearings of one form and another.
It goes something like this. People approach me or I approach them asking for my help with this or with that. Mostly, I am in full integrity in this process although on one occasion, I was guided to allow a false impression in the other that I wanted their help, when really the Universe’s agenda was for me to give them some feedback, for me to help them. I nearly did not go along with this little deception until the Universe let me know I had signed on for this assignment in a soul level agreement made before either of us was born into this life time. Complicated stuff.
Back to the typical scenario. The two of us end up working together in some fashion and my gift is to activate their soul, somehow giving it permission to arise from dormancy and begin calling the shots. In general, these people are reasonably or very advanced, but are taking a spiritual holiday or blocked in some way. That blockage is often part of what brings us together in the first place.
Some move through their blockage and their life shifts in beautiful ways, usually without any further help from me. Like any of us a new blockage can surface as we all live in constant change, but my experience is that those who heed their soul’s guidance, the guidance we accessed in our work together soon experience a bright and joyous future. Good stuff and exactly what my gift targets.
Some refuse to heed their soul’s guidance and the blockage remains. This is a free will Universe and this choice always remains with the other. That is as it should be and in the past few years, I have accepted this free will aspect as everyone’s sacred right. Now comes the problem. These people attract what Divinity calls life lessons. The things listed above, like sickness, etc.
Somehow, the work we did together has empowered their soul and empowered their soul’s agenda. No longer does their soul sit as a patient passenger on their life’s journey. No longer does their soul sightsee and otherwise while away the days as their life takes one detour after another. The soul is the boss and an awakened and empowered soul takes action leading to life lessons. Usually, I am miles away when this takes place and often, our business is done, our contract complete and I only hear about these life lessons through others or from my friend long after the lessons are learned and my friend is safely back on their soul’s path, doing what they came to do.
Right now, my life is semi reclusive, partly by choice and partly because the Universe sends few people my way.
My ‘knowing’ is that my learning curve, my education remains in high gear and this gift is being honed for the shifts and the clearings soon to come. This gift will play a role in the transitions soon to come, the transition many call ascension, and my job right now and perhaps for the next few years until the winter solstice of 2012 and beyond is to hone my skills that support this gift and up my personal power, my inner light, so I can deliver this gift, to the many who will ask, in ways that support their inner journey, in ways that assist them to move through their blockage and shift their lives in beautiful ways.
Freedom for humanity…


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