Winter Solstice 2011

Yesterday was the solstice, so we are now officially less than one year from the major shifts to come at the winter solstice of 2012. When I got my aura updated, Melonie said it will be like many other projected end dates and nothing will happen except to continue the shifts we are already experiencing. She does believe the era of duality is ending and the window of duality will close on that date so those abusing duality will have no venue and will have to leave but she does not expect a sudden shift, only a gradual one.
I do not share this view but I am prepared to continue life as I am living it if this turns out to be the case. What do I think will happen? I think we will be flooded with ascension energies and fifth dimensional realities will begin for some portion of humanity. Either way, these are interesting times and my focus at present is the unique gift I am to bring to humanity.
Melonie says body wisdom tells her how long it will take to adjust to their updated aura and this occasion is unusually long, about a month. We are two weeks today since the update and they have been turbulent times with many realizations coming along the way. For the first week I opened myself to welcome the aura shift and seeing what it was attracting. It was attracting rejuvenation. The second week was learning about rejuvenation, and the unique form slated for humanity. I have been on a designed learning curve targeting rejuvenation as my gift to humanity for some time now. The stint following someone claiming to be bringing rejuvenation to humanity was part of it to learn what I don’t want and to learn to step into my own mastery without being a follower.
The form of rejuvenation I am to pioneer and then give to humanity is a birthright in that it is freely available to each and every human being. It does have a pass code and that pass code is exactly the same as the pass code into ascension. My intention is to pioneer rejuvenation into the third dimension and those with the credentials to ascend will be able to rejuvenate in the third dimension. Each person earns this right by moving past the tendency to let the ego direct their life; by moving past this tendency and accepting their soul as their life’s director. One result of doing this is for the person to realize they are here to serve others and self interest is a subset of this service rather than the other way around.
I made this shift in May of 2006 and experienced a tremendous amount of egoic resistance, so I know the difficulties it presents. With the soul in charge, life has magical qualities many are experiencing and there is a continuous direction finding sense that says ‘yes, this is part of your path’, or ‘no, this is a detour.’ We are each unique and so the lessons we learn are unique and the help we get along the way is unique. One of my friends is buying course work from a spiritual teacher that resonates for her; for me it is things like Melonie’s aura updates. Everyone is unique and the trick is to elevate your soul into the position as the tour director and then just go along for the ride and partake in what is being offered. Awesome stuff.
I walked downtown two days before the solstice and the walk down was awesome. I took the trail where I biffed it a few weeks ago and that was all part of a plan because there was some residual fear about it, especially a very steep section where I had the first of two falls. All went well and we were having a chinook, a weather phenomenon here in Calgary not experienced anywhere else to my knowledge. Warm air is trapped under an arch and cooler air is directed up and over by the mountains. It was just forming and the sky was a blue I had not seen before. Especially toward the mountains, the blue was almost turquoise. At one point the sky blue was reflected off the river and it was very unique with the sun setting and only tall buildings still in the sunlight.
Ashram, a 156 year old Douglas Fir, was standing still and tall with her slight lean. Btw, fir trees are both male and female so take your pick. It was getting dark when I arrived. The sky was still blue but fading and we experienced the beginnings of dusk together. My mind was chattering when I said hello and I was talking a mile a minute when I first sat down beneath Ashram. In a little while none of that made sense and the stillness emanating from Ashram washed over me. It was solitude of sorts and my mind joined the Ashram mind in stillness, a stillness that remained with me for the rest of my walk. I can still go there when I choose and feel very close to Source and to my guidance.
Freedom for humanity…

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