Adjustments Continue

It will be three weeks tomorrow since my aura update and the associated learning and adjustments continue. My updated aura is no longer about learning life’s lessons as those slated for me have already been learned. A major trap I have seen in others is to make this assumption prematurely and these people are insufferable in their own way and blocked by their assumption from further learning. There is no such thing as life without learning and my learning continues at a torrid pace; it is different from before however and that difference is a significant aspect of the adjustment I am making. I am targeting rejuvenation as a gift and a blessing to humanity and for this to be true, human life has to have purpose and that purpose has to extend beyond that point when life’s lessons are learned.
The dream state seems a fertile element of my current learning and adjustments. Several dreams occurred last night where I appeared as an observer and an elder statesman. In one segment an advanced ‘learner’ wrote an essay for me and in reviewing it I found a word I did not know. I asked and the learner explained, ‘It means the last way off the island.’ I reacted but said nothing and the learner misinterpreted saying, ‘I can see that is not what you wanted to say and I can change it.’ ‘No’ I said, ‘would someone look up this word and if that is its meaning it is perfect.’
I have already learned that rejuvenation must have an out clause, a last way off the island we call third dimensional life and that will no doubt be included. Rejuvenation also has to have meaning and purpose for those who choose to stay as a service to humanity and act in the role of elder statesmen. Perhaps I will have a stint at this and perhaps I will choose to move into the higher dimensions that become available through Ascension. Either way, part of my learning and part of the adjustment I am currently making is to understand the purpose contained in living a life where one’s life lessons are learned. Clearly purpose is then based on service since learning no longer forms purpose. Learning is always part of any service but learning is no longer the purpose in and of itself. This is a major difference and one that is taking some time for me to make my adjustments.
Life arranged a learning experience for me over Christmas. I attended three days of family get togethers where the agenda was essentially eat, drink and be merry. This agenda really hasn’t done it for me of late and with the aura update it felt even worse, definitely not a long term option or even an entertaining interlude for the kind of life I am targeting to anchor into this world. That does not mean to say that such events serve no purpose or have no value. Just that for me they are not an option or even a filler.
Another aspect of this adjustment keeps coming up and that is to refrain from teaching unless invited. Even offering to teach if invited, inviting an invite, seems out of bounds. The essential principle is to let people learn in their own way and at their own pace. I have heard this expressed as ‘don’t steal their soul’s journey.’ This includes a willingness to let them suffer since that is often how people come to the realization that continuing with the status quo is no longer acceptable. Without that realization, life’s lessons can be impossible to learn even if waved like smelling salts directly under the nose.
One other aspect remains for me and perhaps another choice point. Rejuvenation in the third dimension is being designed as an entry way into Ascension. As such, for those remaining in the third dimension rejuvenation will have the same pass codes as Ascension and those achieving rejuvenation will have the choice of staying in the third dimension or ascending into the fifth dimension. That choice point will apply to me. A key element for me will be the availability of my completion. She has promised to join me after the heavy lifting is done and I know she will be available to me after Ascension. If she is also available through rejuvenation in the third dimension, I may well sign on for a stint. If not, I will likely pass on serving that portion of humanity that remains behind and join her in the ascended world.
Freedom for humanity…

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