Pivotal Times

In the spring of 2008, I made major shifts that had been planned for over a year. In that spring shift, my wife and I parted company, I left her home and the Toronto area, and I quit the work I was doing. All of this was in order to fully devote myself to spiritual matters and to the shifts and changes now less than a year away. I was following my guidance; step by step.

I told a number of people, as did my wife, so it was not a secret in any way. Everyone knew who cared to know. One of the people who knew was a young lady around thirty years old who was on her own spiritual path. We met through a mutual friend and four of us planned to take a weekend trip to see spiritual friends near Ottawa, a couple I had visited many times before. He facilitated past life journeys and she owned a beautiful rustic home in the woods that was a portal of some kind for anchoring ascension energies into earth. For various reasons, some remembered and some not, the four became two and the young lady and I made the trip. It was very nice and we became friends. I sat in on the young lady’s past life journey (on her invitation) and wrote up a summary of the experience which she greatly appreciated. The couple was not impressed with the young lady. They imagined powerful dark forces in many things and saw themselves as spiritual warriors, constantly at war with these forces in a Light vs. Dark scenario. They saw the young lady as an agent of the Dark.

This was a month or two before making the big changes already mentioned and the young lady expressed an interest in traveling with me to Calgary as a road trip and then making her own way home. That sounded great by me and I was traveling alone so I invited her. My Daughter had offered me a place to stay in her home in Calgary and after saying goodbye to my wife and packing a few belongings into my car, I picked up the young lady from her Toronto apartment and off we set. The trip west took us about a week as we did a little touring and visited my friends and relatives along the way.

Long story short, the young lady and I got into a relationship and spent the next three months together. It was the only time since surrendering to Divinity in May of 2006 that I overrode my guidance. My guidance was consistent but not all that clear to me. I started the road trip believing I would ascend as part of making the changes I had been guided to make and I thought the young lady was a conduit for my ascension. She had her own charms I might add and my guidance was not followed. She was very manipulative and had her own lessons to learn, but was blocked by her assumption that she was born fully formed and was here to serve rather than learn. Dangerous combination.

We finally returned to Toronto in early August, having outworn our welcome in my daughter’s home. The relationship was proving very unsatisfactory and my guidance was getting harder and harder to ignore. My health was also deteriorating as my soul had long been in charge and was not about to go quietly back into the background if I continued to ignore my guidance. Two or three days after returning to Toronto and living in my girlfriend’s apartment I met with two old friends. The first was the man who introduced us. He was involved in an energy healing practice and invited me to come back later in the day. The second was a friend I had met weekly in support of our spiritual agendas. I had grown a beard and she hardly recognized me and it was the beginnings of a wake-up call. When I returned later in the day to the first friend I was open to making changes. The friend offered me a life line, a place to stay and an offer to be a part of his energy healing practice. When I returned to my girlfriend’s place, it was with the intention of ending the relationship and accepting my friend’s offer.

This came to pass. What followed was a three month stint as an energy healer, running a healing centre and doing some of my own healing. I had attracted prostate cancer into my field by ignoring my guidance and about six weeks after getting back on track this was miraculously cured, visited by healing angels in the night and cured by morning. Others experienced healing and shifts as well. It was a very exciting time and our centre was developing a following.

My vision was to recreate a center for ascension and attract practitioners and clients from all over the world similar to a past life I had been shown in Egypt thousands of years ago that ended with a knife in my back delivered by people supporting a dark agenda. My energy healing partner was luke warm with this vision preferring his own where he played a more starring role and this led to a confrontation. I was well attuned and dedicated to my guidance and consulted it following the confrontation. In a word my guidance was ‘leave’.

It was now late November 2008 and I drove from Toronto to Saskatoon in two days. The entire trip was filled with spiritual happenings as I learned the healing practice was simply a way back to my path and this trip was part of the process of getting me back to doing what I was born to do. The first night I spent at my sister’s in Thunder Bay and I had a mystical experience in the night, informing me that my Calgary daughter was very sick and needed to make shifts in order to recover. That morning while continuing my drive west I was visited by the spirit of her teacher, a key element in her illness as my daughter had given away her power. We conducted a negotiation and my parental concerns won the day.

My daughter was ready to shift and responded positively to the information I was given to pass on to her. She cured herself and began to make changes in her life. She took back her power from the teacher and eventually left his sphere of influence. For her it was her final lesson as a student and soon after she went to see Melonie and updated to a teacher’s aura. She is well advanced within that curriculum and is progressing according to her own Divine plan, following her inner guidance at each decision point.

Freedom for humanity…

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