The Rest of my Story

After returning to Calgary in November 2008 and doing the healing work with my daughter, I settled into a semi-reclusive life renting in my daughter’s home. She had (and has) a very busy life and in general terms I had the house to myself and created my own agenda. At first I thought I was to continue being a healer but the universe sent no clients my way. Some unfinished healing business was completed when I worked with a Calgary resident (and her husband) whom I had done long distance work with while in Toronto, but neither of them paid me and my guidance was clear to let it all go.
A new agenda arose; to understand the way the world truly worked and I took that intention. Over the next several months books called to me and information came in other forms and I pieced together a fairly complete understanding of the ruling elite, the duality structures they have put in place, and the control they exercise over world affairs. When I saw the movie Thrive nearly three years later it contained very little new information for me as I had uncovered all of the important points in that research done in early 2009. In mid 2009, I took the free will intention of doing what was given me to do in terms of ousting the ruling elite and freeing humanity.
Along the way I became totally free myself. I broke my ties to the healing center in Toronto and to the partnership with my friend, the healer, who continued to run the center until he closed it in the spring and went traveling as he dealt with unfinished aspects of his own unique path. A several month battle with Visa over charges originating from our partnership but no longer my responsibility was woven in and eventually decided in my favour. In other streams of events, my glasses were taken from me and destroyed and my guidance was to do without a car; and I did my first aura update in late spring of 2009, going from the twelve percent aura of my birth to sixty percent and eliminating the drag I was experiencing. My Toronto friend visited in the fall of 2009 and we reconciled and have continued supporting each other on our parallel paths ever since.
This visit was instrumental in taking me to the portal of writing a blog. The portal was heavily guarded by fear and I sat outside it for nearly three weeks experiencing fear in various forms whenever considering to cross the threshold. The fear was based on having my thoughts and intentions completely transparent and available to the ruling elite whom I was intending to oust from power. I crossed over this threshold in early December 2009 by examining all my reasons for not writing the blog and finding each to be anchored in fear. If I stood outside of fear, writing the blog was a given. I made that choice and began a daily process of writing and publishing the blog.
The blog has been a tremendous learning tool for me as it is a forum for exhuming my fears and attracting information on various subjects of interest. It is now over two years since the blog began and I expect it will continue until at least the winter solstice of 2012 and perhaps beyond. My intention to be transparent has been honoured throughout and it is also a service to like minded fellow travelers.
Throughout I have been guided by my inner wisdom and the guides who travel with me, consistent with my longstanding choice to surrender to Divinity. When faced with a choice point, I ask what serves the greater good and that becomes my choice. On rare occasions, my guidance goes silent and I am left to make my own choice. Two I can remember are the choice to become involved in ousting the ruling elite and the choice to follow leaders promising rejuvenation. Neither a yes nor a no was given and in both cases I proceeded. In the case of doing what is given me to do in terms of ousting the ruling elite, little has been given me; and in the case of following the rejuvenation leaders, I was led into a negotiations where my offer was rejected and I chose to leave their following and target my own brand of rejuvenation trusting my own leadership and guidance.
Rejuvenation has become the central theme of my ongoing contributions. Humanities Ascension is the big game and everyone on the planet is playing some role or another within the Ascension umbrella. You would not be living on planet earth at this time without an Ascension agenda. Some are big, some are small, some are simply to ascend, others are to resist in various ways, but everyone has an Ascension agenda although few know this as yet.
My Ascension agenda has morphed over time from leading humanity into Ascension to bringing rejuvenation into the third dimension. The brand of rejuvenation I am targeting has the exact same pass codes as Ascension so those who rejuvenate will also be able to Ascend.
Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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