2011 in Review

One of my favourite movies is Ground Hog Day where the star, a character played by Bill Murray is caught in a time warp loop and relives the same day over and over again. While still stuck in the frustration of this situation he laments his bad luck of getting stuck in this day, rather than a day from his past where everything went wonderfully and he reminisces about this long ago wonderful day, ending with the memorable line, ‘Now that was a pretty good day.’
Today is the last day of 2011 and borrowing from Bill Murray I would have to say, ‘Now that was a pretty good year.’
2011 began as a frustrating year as I continued with my choice of being involved with people claiming to be bringing forth rejuvenation for humanity. After three months of this frustration, I began a negotiation with the leader that ended with him rejecting my offer. That freed me to resume my path of being self-led, following my internal guidance and targeting rejuvenation on my own terms. My own terms being a euphemism for the terms culled from my inner wisdom and the guidance given me.
That began a six or eight week cycle in which my self-led path was nurtured and the universe sent a variety of resources to create the needed foundation. This phase culminated in late May when I took a friend’s advice and shifted my guides. I used my friend’s suggested technique, essentially declaring my intention to create rejuvenation, creating a safe place, asking all my guides to leave, and waiting a minimum of fifteen minutes before restocking with guides supportive of rejuvenation. Shifting guides gave me a level of congruency that had previously been lacking.
The summer and early fall was an unsettled time but I knew I was on my chosen path. I did not know whether rejuvenation would be part of that path as it was possible that rejuvenation would follow ascension rather than the other way around. Rejuvenation has always been a part of the ascended world and targeting rejuvenation after ascension would be pointless since it will be part of everyone’s ascended experience. In the event that rejuvenation is not to be part of the third dimensional human experience, my path would shift accordingly, targeting some other aspect of ascension as my gift to humanity. I accepted this during the summer and early fall and experienced a great deal of energetic shifts, assimilating each one as they came in randomly spaced intervals, especially around the solstice, the equinox and the various full moons and continuing in the key fall dates of October 28, Calleman’s end date for duality, and 11-11-11.
This entire experience had a very unsettled feel to it and many days were spent in a kind of energetic torpor as various inputs left me feeling like a fish out of water; but underlying all this was a sense of order and a sense of being exactly on the path of my evolution and on the path of my life’s mission, whatever that turned out to be. Unlike Bill Murray, I never lamented my fate as at a deep level, it all felt exactly right. I did not know where it was going or how it was going to end up, but it felt right and it felt like it was taking me where I wanted to go; rejuvenation or no rejuvenation.
That phase ended in early December when I was guided to revisit Melonie Old and do another aura update as my current aura was no longer appropriate for the next phase of my life. I am now over three weeks into the month long adjustment to my updated aura and this process will be completed in the new year. Already it is feeling comfortable and tremendously exciting; and rejuvenation is showing up front and center.
Freedom for humanity…

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