An influential figure in my spiritual journey has been Buddha and I have collected bits and pieces of Buddhist lore along the way. The story of how the young Buddha achieves enlightenment under the Bodhi tree created in me an expectation of a similar experience along my path, a moment in time when the great mystery was solved and my life changed in a dramatic fashion with the world then beating a path to my door.
Modeling a life after any other is a dangerous proposition as is expecting any experience other than the one we are living. We are each unique as are the times in which we live and we are each best served by targeting to be authentic and to access the unique path that is ours alone to take. I expected to Ascend in 2008 and took a significant detour in the middle of that year when that did not happen. During that detour, my fixation on ascending took precedence over following by guidance and interfered with my day to day decision making.
Since that experience, I have targeted to follow my guidance and let what is to be done through me happen simply by making all decisions in accordance with my guidance. That has greatly simplified my life in the living as most decisions get an immediate ‘aye’ or ‘nay’ just by asking if it serves the greater good. It has also taken my life in unimagined directions and taken me to the present point of targeting to bring my unique gift to humanity, the gift of rejuvenation. Step by step this gift is being defined as is the way I am to approach doing the work and at each step I simply follow the guidance given to me.
Yesterday brought me back to the Bodhi tree and to Buddhist lore. One of Buddha’s final tests as he sat under the Bodhi tree was the test of worthiness as demons attempted to prevent his enlightenment. ‘What makes you think you are worthy of this great accomplishment?’ is the fundamental question asked of Buddha and he asks the earth to bear witness for him. I woke in the morning feeling the weight of this question. ‘What makes me feel I am worthy of bringing the gift of rejuvenation to humanity?’
My guidance was to walk and the universe arranged for me to attend the gold medal game of the World Junior Hockey Championships being held in Calgary. The route I took made it about a five hour walk to the game and I addressed this feeling of unworthiness, both with the earth upon which I walked and the sun as it shone above, never far from the horizon being close to the winter solstice.
What does make me worthy? Humility is front and center and I learned my lessons of humility about five years ago. The biggest of these was that I am an equal of everyone else, from the least impressive and disadvantaged to the stars and the masters. We are all equals and as such the question of worthiness does not have any meaning. In oneness we are all worthy as we are all equal. If this is what I am being asked to do, who am I to decline. Who am I to say, I am not worthy, find someone else. In all humility, I accept and I will continue to follow my guidance. If that leads me to rejuvenation and anchoring that energy here on earth for all of humanity, so be it.
Another factor is corruptibility and I cannot be corrupted. Nothing other than my spiritual journey has any value to me and I chase no other objectives. Money, fame, power, wine, women and song; none of these has precedence over doing what I came to do. I have been walking this path for nearly eight years and in all that time, only once did I detour and then only for three months. I am steadfast.
Long before I reached the hockey arena, the illusion of unworthiness had gone, evaporated into the sunshine of the day and dissipated into Mother Earth, the great receptor for humanity.
Freedom for humanity…


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