I had a dream last night where someone wrote me two big checks, each six figures or more as payment for something. The checks were defective in a weird way as they were not sticky to touch but stuck to whatever they touched outside of my hands. There I was walking around with these two sticky checks looking for a way to cash them. The signature was clear and very readable but there was this deep knowing within me that they would never get cashed, that the bankers would refuse on some technicality or another and there was nothing I could do about it.
I had an attachment to the checks, obvious because my life was now singularly focussed on getting them cashed and one was in each hand because I could not put them together without them sticking, so in effect they consumed me. At another level I knew I did not need the money so why did I not just let them go. Put them down or stick them to some blank white paper; even keep them as souvenirs.
Does anyone know how the feudal system of rich land owners and serfs or peasants who worked the land and paid homage or rent ended? I have not seen it taught or even been able to find it in brief searches on the net so I asked my guidance. What happened was the industrial revolution created employment off the land and serfs left the land and their bondage to work in factories and such. The feudal system became untenable as no one would work the land under the slavery of serfdom and change was forced.
The present forms of economic slavery are about to disappear in a very similar manner. The ruling elite have created an illusion of scarcity and used military might to bring dissenters to heal. Societies that resisted were termed primitive and defeated by force and leaders were installed to enforce scarcity. Europeans conquered the world and forced their way of life everywhere they went. This was followed by bankers and debt and the rule of force shifted to the rule of economics. Either way, economic slavery is in place the world over and is enforced by the military might of the great western nations.
All of this is about to be replaced by abundance. In the higher dimensions, each individual is able to manifest survival needs instantaneously and travel at will anywhere they desire. That is just a part of living in the higher dimensions. Slavery of any form falls apart under such conditions in the same way serfs could no longer be bound to the land. Money no longer has meaning and is no longer required. The higher dimensions have a pass code of service to others so such things as greed and exploitation cannot get a foothold and the greater good is targeted by all, so scarcity in all its forms simply disappears.
Something similar is about to happen in the third dimension. Abundance technologies exist but have been kept off the marketplace by the self interested ruling elite. These range from free energy (tapping into the unlimited energy contained in all of space) to equipment capable of instant manifestation of survival needs (also by tapping into the unlimited informed matrix in all of space) to energy based travel systems similar to teleporting. These are available to three D humanity but are being kept from us by the current ruling elite.
In the near future all of this will change and the artificial scarcity of present day life will disappear, replaced by abundance as has happened in countless more highly evolved societies throughout the universe. Supporting this shift here on three D earth will be the shifts in consciousness as all of humanity has their consciousness raised by the energetic inputs being sent us at regular intervals, timed to various markers like full moons, equinoxes, solstices, eclipses and some special dates in between. Slavery and exploitation in all their forms will become unsustainable and those who refuse to adapt will have no place in the more highly evolved world soon to come. Self interest has found a way to play a leading role through the shifts of the industrial revolution and the various technological advances of the past couple of centuries but that is all now coming to an end. Thankfully and blessedly.
Just as the industrial revolution ended the feudal system, abundance will end the reign of self interest. There will simply be no way of maintaining it.
Freedom for humanity…


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