An Invitation

A friend I met through an internet group wrote and invited me to rejoin the group. This is my response.
I thank you for your invitation to rejoin the Group. The reason I left in April 2011 was because Richard changed my group status so that all my submissions would first go to him and he would decide which were suitable for posting. This was and is unacceptable to me and so I left. I would like to continue interacting with the Group and as you said, “share, contribute, teach, learn, heal and be healed” but will not until my status is returned to the same as everyone else’s.
Meanwhile, here is an update for you.
At the time of leaving the group, a variety of inputs were informing me to discontinue following others and rely on my internal guidance in terms of my contributions to humanity and to the process of Ascension, including rejuvenation. When I left the group I also left Richard’s sphere of influence and embarked on a course relying on my own guidance. These choices were well supported and for about two months, information flooded in and aligning activities took place to support me in a leadership role bringing forth rejuvenation as a human birthright to be disseminated as a gift rather than as a commercial venture.
On May 9 my blog was called Elitism and it outlines the underlying reasons I will likely not be allowed full group membership. Essentially Richard appears to believe in elitism and I believe in equality. Here is an excerpt from that blog: The timeline of my choice is one of equality and of personal sovereignty. In it, anyone can achieve rejuvenation and there are multiple sources and multiple routes to this hallowed state of being. No one is dependent on anyone else to become rejuvenated and no one is beholden to anyone else after becoming rejuvenated. We are all equals in the eyes of Divinity and multiple sources of rejuvenation respects that fundamental truth.
From about June until a week or so before October 28, I entered a mind space of accepting the possibility that rejuvenation would not happen until after Ascension and would not be part of the experience of people remaining behind within the third dimension. As October 28th approached information came in that Calleman was essentially correct and that date marked the end of the era of duality. 11-11-11 intensified the feeling that it was now appropriate to be far more proactive and in early December I was guided to update my aura using the services of Melonie Old, a Calgary based person who has pioneered this process.
In the process of updating my aura I was informed that I am now entering a stage of my learning where my focus is on bringing forth my unique gift to humanity. It took a month to integrate the updated aura and during that month it became clear that my unique gift for humanity is rejuvenation. There may or may not be more than one form of rejuvenation for humanity and part of the information that came after the aura update was information regarding the form of rejuvenation I am to pioneer. Essentially it is a birthright, like sunshine or the air we breathe, so it is available to everyone equally. It has the exact same pass codes as Ascension so those rejuvenating can also ascend. It can also be renounced at any time so people are not locked into the human form against their will. A full description is available in my January 4 blog called Friends of Rejuvenation.
I am also being guided to bring forth rejuvenation as part of a team of equals. That process is underway and the team is growing. A team of equals is a very organic process and start ups look and feel a little chaotic but there is order in all organic processes and the process is being guided in the unseen realms. Do you want to be part of that team? If so, please contact me and we will work together as friends of rejuvenation.
Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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