Just Be

I woke this morning with nothing to write and with no particular agenda. This is an uncomfortable place for me as I have been an achiever all of my life using a variety of methods to get things done, reach goals and realize intentions.
Since taking the intention of making spiritual development my priority nearly eight years ago, there have been many shifts in my approach to life and my life has receded from the hubbub of daily living into a semi-reclusive life style because that was what was given me to do. For nearly six years I have been surrendered to Divinity and for nearly four years I have been fully devoted to a spiritual agenda and the semi-reclusive life style has been for me an ideal balance. Plenty of time for meditation and introspection but with enough inputs to identify the life lessons that were being given me to learn.
I crossed over a threshold of some sort late last year and was guided to update my aura which I did in early December. There followed an intense adjustment period as the updated aura was very different from the aura I had been living with since May 2009. Those adjustments were predicted to take a month and the month was up three days ago. These adjustments brought lots of new learning into my life and it was a very exciting period of time, not unlike the past two or three years when new learning and integrating that learning was both commonplace and an essential part of my spiritual development.
I am now living with the updated aura and learning is no longer the top priority of this aura. There will still be learning but this next phase of my life is about bringing my unique gift to humanity. What is mine to do when nothing comes my way in terms of manifesting that gift? That was my experience this morning and it made me uncomfortable. I began to meditate targeting to understand this discomfort and return to the equanimity and sense of purpose that has generally been my experience over the past several years.
What I found at my core was a message that this state of no agenda would be commonplace over the coming time period and was in fact a function of the updated aura. As such, the quality of my life would be greatly enhanced by learning to simply be. Ah, yes. No doing required, just be.
One might argue that meditation is a form of just being and I do plenty of meditating; but what I was getting this morning is that just being is a state outside of meditation. For me, meditating is an activity like walking or watching TV while just being is a state of mind. Just being is for me the ability to feel at ease and on purpose without an agenda and without efforting in any way related to what I am here to do. Just being is letting it come to me instead of chasing after it (whatever ‘it’ may be).
Embedded in this core message was a kind of knowing that this is a quality of life issue and perhaps nothing more. In other words, the success of my intention to manifest my unique gift for humanity is independent of whether I learn to just be or whether I go jousting after windmills in a quixotic attempt to make it all happen. Either way, it will all happen or not in its own time and the only difference is in the quality of my life. If I learn to just be, I will enjoy the process e.g. a high quality of life; while if I don’t learn to just be, I will experience lots of self imposed discomfort. Either way is fine with my aura and with my soul and the timing and/or success of the gift is not affected.
Very interesting.
Freedom for humanity…


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4 Responses to Just Be

  1. dogwalker8 says:

    I was raised to work hard to be successful. I started practicing Reiki last year which took me down a whole new path. To “just be” is one of the hardest adjustments I had to make, still working on it. I feel like if I am not doing something, life is passing me by. On the other hand I have learned to “ask” for things I need or want.

  2. Today’s blog:DEATH & the DARK @ https://freedom4humanity.wordpress.com Death is no big deal to your soul, only a transition.

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