Clearing Karma

My definition of karma is energy from a past event influencing a present or future event.
As we approach Ascension, clearing karma has taken on a new urgency since karma from this dimension, the third dimension, is very debilitating if taken into the higher dimensions with the instant manifestation of thought into experience. The good news is that clearing karma has become easier and easier to do with the powerful energies being beamed our way and is now easily within the capabilities of everyone on the planet. Clearing karma is no longer a matter of capability and has become a matter of willingness. If you are willing to clear your karma, you can do so. If you want to hang onto it, you can also do that.
I have helped a number of people to clear their karma and as a general rule; karma was not even mentioned in the process. Typically we begin a dialogue about something that is bothering the other and I point out that the solution is well within the other’s power and all that is lacking is the willingness or the will to proceed. Sometimes they see this immediately and the karma is soon gone. Other times they defend their unwillingness in one way or another and the karma lingers. Without exception, those willing to address the situation and take back power that is rightfully theirs clear the karma in short order. That choice belongs to the individual and my role is to empower them, something I do whenever given the invitation. Typically people experience a purging and some physical cleansing after making these choices.
Let me give you an extreme example to make the point. Inelia Benz is a highly evolved person here on Earth with the mission of raising humanity’s consciousness sufficiently that humanity can be included in the Ascension event soon to come. When she was born, this was in doubt but with her good work and the good work of many others humanity will be part of Ascension. She raises consciousness one person at a time through personal interactions. In one case she was approached by a person involved as the leader of satanic cults. He wanted to share his story and she listened without judgment to the horrific things the man had done. This process lasted many days until finally she accepted his invitation to meet him etherically in his mansion and he requested clemency. Instantly Grace filled the room and the man was shifted. He was willing and so his karma was cleared.
My experience includes a number of walk-ins and clearing karma for a walk-in is a little more complex since they inherit the karma of the body, the karma of the previous owner. None the less, the process is the same. Forgiveness of those that harmed them and asking forgiveness of those they have harmed. That is the essential mechanism.
Karma can originate in any lifetime and it is not unusual for karma to be carried from one lifetime to the next or for karma from a particular lifetime to continue to influence the present lifetime. Again, an extreme example to illustrate: One friend had a lifetime as an inquisitor in the Inquisition and tortured and killed many victims within that role. This was shown to her in this lifetime and she forgave herself and asked her many victims for forgiveness. The karma was cleared. It was and is as simple as that. It is not even necessary to know what you did or to be shown the past lifetime. All that is necessary is the willingness to forgive, both yourself and others, and the willingness to ask for forgiveness from the souls of those you have harmed. Clearing karma is that simple.
I have had the experience of asking for forgiveness and being denied. That does not affect my karma as the act of sincerely asking for forgiveness clears my karma. It does affect the other’s karma and denying forgiveness retains their karma. It can be released at any time, dependent of course on the willingness of the individual.
These are the two great tools for clearing karma, forgiveness and taking back our power. Anyone can do it at any time.
Freedom for humanity…


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