A Team of Equals

As a junior engineer in the 70’s I had an imprinting experience of working on a project team doing modernization work that had to be coordinated within an ongoing productive facility. We were an odd mix of old hands with little formal education and young inexperienced engineers and somehow we truly became a team of equals and the projects were a great success. When that work was over I returned to operations and looked for ways to apply the team of equals methods I had learned in projects. I found I had much to learn and what worked in a project environment did not necessarily work in a day to day operation.
Eventually I figured out that a shared vision was required in order for a team of equals to function as a team. Without a shared vision the team of equals is simply a collection of people each with their own vision of success and team synergies do not exist. A team of equals also needs a leader who does not rely on authority and facilitates rather than directs. Over a couple of decades I developed three principles that I used successfully when leading a team of equals. These were that everyone is the expert at what they do, no one has to do anything they don’t want to do, and when something affects another they get input into the decision. Everyone is an equal making their own unique contribution to the team’s success. What I call ‘white horse leadership’ does not work within a team of equals as it does not maintain individual sovereignty or team synergies.
In the higher dimensions individual sovereignty is part of every interaction and every activity. When everyone is sovereign, no one has authority so leaders cannot use authority and the methods I have used for years are commonplace. All work related to Ascension is work that targets the higher dimensions so it stands to reason that this work should use methods compatible with life in the higher dimensions. A team of equals is one such method.
When I became attracted to rejuvenation in 2010, I was hopeful of joining a team of equals and contributing in my own way. This opportunity did not present itself principally because the leader saw himself as a cut above and I was guided to create my own experience and become the leader rather than the follower. I followed this guidance in April 2011 and this choice has been well supported over the past nine months as information came to me and lessons were learned.
Early in 2012 I felt able to put forth a vision of rejuvenation and create a team of equals environment targeting to manifest this vision. This was done in my January 4 blog called Friends of Rejuvenation. People who share the essentials of this vision are coming on board and my role within the forming team of equals is to provide leadership without authority. The natural decision making process for a team of equals is consensus and that will be what this team uses.
We still have no team name but we are now up to four teammates and further growth is expected. If you resonate with rejuvenation and with the January blog called Friends of Rejuveation please let me know and we will make room on our growing team for you and your unique capabilities.
The most important thing at present is to pioneer rejuvenation and here we are equals in every way. I have invited each teammate to move forward in this goal in whatever way they are guided to do so and to share whatever seems appropriate. This is internal work and does not affect the other members so each is encouraged to do their own thing and be blessed.
Exciting times.
Freedom for humanity…


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