A Computer Virus

Two days ago my computer got infected with a virus. It came from a friend I trusted and still trust with the promise of pictures upon opening. Small alarm bells went off but I ignored them and went looking for the pictures. At first nothing happened and it came to me that this was a virus and I closed the email and sent a note to my friend asking if she was aware of sending the email and that it was likely a virus.
I did some other things and when I came back to my email there were a number of ‘could not deliver’ messages. The virus had been activated by clicking to see the pictures and had sent itself to everyone on my list.
Next a short story. In my youth I came across a prairie chicken, a species of grouse, in a bush near where I lived. The bird froze when aware of my presence and I was able to approach quite closely before it flew away. I told my uncle the story and termed the prairie chicken stupid since I was close enough to throw something and cause it damage. He said ‘Freezing is a survival mechanism for prairie chickens and often prevents detection since they are well camouflaged. That is what prairie chickens do and is not an indication they are stupid.’ I thought about this and he was quite right.
One of my mechanisms is to wait and see, to sleep on things before making decisions and before taking action. This mechanism serves me well and I chose to use it in this situation since no other action came readily to mind. Very much like the prairie chicken, I froze and awaited further developments. I slept fitfully and uncomfortably and awoke to minimum carnage the next day.
Many recipients had spam filters that kept the email out of their inbox and Most of the people who opened the bogus email were protected and nothing happens. Some sent me emails asking if it had really come from me, to which of course I answered ‘Do not open, it is a virus and my apologies.’
One person took offence and asked for my help. I had received a handful of responses from people that I took to be asking if they should open the email and had alerted them that it was a virus. In truth these were people who had triggered the virus and what I got was a copy because I was on their mailing list. This was one such person. Alerted to what had happened she sent a disclaimer to her entire mailing list telling people not to open the bogus email. This was an action I had not taken in my prairie chicken freeze mode and by then it was way too late.
Another friend had sent advice in terms of what to do and I passed this along to the irate contact along with my sincere apologies. No further inappropriate emails originated from my system and lacking the computer skills to do more, I retired at the normal time the next night.
I woke in the middle of the night feeling unclean and impure and got up to meditate. There seemed a linkage between my computer software and my human operating system and a general need to be pure in all things. There also seemed a linkage between rejuvenation and this computer problem. Essentially doing my best to clean up my computer and avoid a repeat is the same kind of activity as clearing karma and other impurities from my human operating system. Being pure in all things includes being pure in my computer outputs so there was work to be done.
Windows helped me out by cleaning up some links and forced me to change my password this morning which was part of the actions required. The other part is antivirus protection. What I had expired some years ago and as part of a general austerity program I was doing without. I don’t have high risk computer activities and this had not resulted in any problems until just now but it is time to once again purchase protection.
Here is my public apology to all who received my virus carrying email and I can now release this negative energy back to earth to be recycled in a positive form.
Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to A Computer Virus

  1. shanewinter says:

    hey John, glad you could get this cleared 🙂 I too had software in place that detected this and prevented the virus executing its payload. Events happen, and each event makes us stronger for the next event. In Lova and Light.

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