Meditation Retreats

In 2006 and 2007 I spent a lot of time meditating using techniques taught by the Ishayas. I still use these techniques although I am no longer connected with the Ishayas and view some of their teachings as outdated and exploitive. It was all a perfect match for me at the time as there were some deep seated blockages to advancing spiritually and meditation was a way to uncover these blockages and move through them. Perhaps another form of meditation would have done the same thing but the Ishayas had a well developed support system in place in southern Ontario where I lived at the time and over a period of a year and a half, I attended five ten day meditation retreats and at least as many weekend retreats. That is sixty or more days of meditation, well over ten percent of the time available to me.
A great deal shifted inside of me during that time. What I considered important had already shifted in the two years previous as my choice to dedicate time and attention to my spiritual development had taken over as my primary reason for living and worldly concerns such as money and competitive pursuits had taken more and more of a back seat.
I entered my first ten day meditation retreat knowing I had a mission here on earth in this lifetime and during the retreat discovered a knowing that to live my mission would require me to surrender to Divinity since the ego based methods I had used up until then were inadequate for living my mission. I simply did not have sufficient overview or enough information to live my mission using self direction.
The remaining sixty days of meditation were mostly about taking this rough cut of surrendering to Divinity and making it my way of life. The Ishayas target was to recruit people to join their movement and this required people to surrender to a human teacher. They would teach only a certain level of their program to people such as me who did not take vows and surrender to an Ishaya master. That was fine with me and we coexisted quite comfortably for the first year or so with me taking part in their retreats and surrendered to Divinity instead of to their Teacher.
Their primary Teacher was living in western Canada at the time and because of the success of the Ontario branch, he came to one of the ten day retreats held in Ontario in mid 2007. He taught every day and was a great source of information about the workings of the human mind and about making the mind a servant rather than a master. He also had the agenda of recruiting new students and began this early in the retreat with a lesson saying that mastery without taking a Teacher was not possible except in rare occasions where it somehow just happened through Divine Grace, an example being Eckhart Tolle. I stood my ground telling him first privately and later the group publically that this was outdated information and that due to the influx of Ascension energies, mastery can now be achieved by surrendering directly to Divinity rather than through a human intermediary. Later when I learned about individual sovereignty, I realized the Ishaya methods violated sovereignty.
I was hopeful of remaining active with the Ishayas and perhaps leading a non-traditional movement targeting mastery through Divine surrender. The Teacher was not interested in any deviation from tradition and although he was not present at the last of the ten day retreats that I attended, his influence was and I was treated as somewhat delusional and as having been tricked by my ego. What the Teacher had told them was that my surrender was bogus and I was in effect surrendered to my ego. I called the local leader on this about half way through the ten days asking to be treated with respect and be allowed to coexist as before and this was largely respected but the schism remained.
My Ishaya swan song came at a weekend retreat a month or two later. They had two sessions going, a newcomer’s retreat and one for experienced meditators. I arrived expecting to be included with the experienced meditators but was told that was limited to those who had taken their vows and surrendered to the Teacher, even though he was not present. I endured that weekend spending time with my experienced friends during meals and other breaks and did a little complaining. With the help of one of the experienced people, I concluded that the Ishayas and I were now on diverging paths and it was time for me to leave and pursue a more independent path.
On the Sunday I said my goodbyes and left this sphere of influence.
Freedom for humanity…


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