Succeeding with Teams of Sovereign Individuals

Giving up sovereignty in today’s world is a very common experience in all aspects of life. The tools for living and working effectively together with everyone individually sovereign exist but they are not widely taught and definitely not widely used. That is shifting and with the coming Ascension the playing field will be shifted dramatically with sovereignty at the top of the list of values by which we will all live. That is what makes a team of equals so important. Doing any work with teams that honour the individual sovereignty of each team member is paving the way for Ascension; but doing Ascension work with such teams is particularly vital. I believe that success in Ascension projects is in part dependent on honouring individual sovereignty.
A year ago I was part of a team where the leader used command and control methods and I could not see the team succeeding using these methods. When I offered to teach him methods that honoured individual sovereignty he declined and not in a nice way. That is when I knew it was time to leave.

Leaving situations where individual sovereignty is not being honoured is a potent tool for regaining individual sovereignty and for the kind of change that is necessary as we move forward. The basic process I use when working with people who are not honouring my individual sovereignty is to inform them that they are not honouring my sovereignty and ask that they change. If they do not, I leave. We do not have the power or even the right to require people to change their methods; however we do have the power and the right to leave situations and environments that do not suit us or honour our basic spiritual rights which include individual sovereignty.
I have used this process in every aspect of my life. The best teacher I had in this regard was my second wife. I shifted during our eighteen year marriage from someone targeting worldly success to someone targeting spiritual success which broke the unwritten agreement under which we met and married. I acknowledged this and made sincere apologies and then it was time to move on and adapt to the shifts this change brought to us and to our relationship. At first my wife refused to work toward these adaptations but she did want to stay together and so we worked thru the sovereignty issues that resulted. This was a tremendous learning environment for both of us, but especially for me as I was vitally interested in understanding how individual sovereignty within a relationship where each person had a different agenda could work. It is entirely workable and we got to the point where it worked wonderfully, deepening our shared love and mutual respect.
What neither of us was willing to shift were our life goals and that was what ended the marriage. The same principle applies to teams of equals. Without shared goals the team will eventually come apart. The most effective shared goal is a shared vision and teams of individually sovereign people who have a shared vision can move mountains or even pioneer rejuvenation. LOL

A key tool for success where everyone is individually sovereign is empowerment. Fear is the great enemy of empowerment. I learned this in the eighties. I was in charge of a project team and assigned a new engineer with glowing credentials by our South African parent company. At first I feared being bypassed and I could feel this fear shifting my normal approaches away from empowerment toward command and control. In a matter of minutes before even meeting the new recruit I recognized I could not succeed living in fear and welcomed the new recruit using the empowerment methods with which I had succeeded up until then. That worked splendidly.

That lesson applies to any team honouring individual sovereignty. If fear is present, empowerment will be compromised. In the absence of fear even large teams of individually sovereign people gain effectiveness by the same methods used by one member of the rejuvenation team and her husband. Recognize each other’s strengths and allow the stronger to handle a specific situation but with input and communication to the others.

Freedom for humanity…


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