Sharing with the Team

The rejuvenation team remains unnamed, but it is fully functioning via email communications. Here is my contribution this morning to give you a flavour and a sense of what is currently taking place.

I was awakened this morning about an hour before my usual time with what I call my ‘take action now signal’, discomfort bordering on pain in my solar plexus chakra. It seemed I was to get up and check my email and meditate; but as sometimes happens, the action I was to take was not clear to me and my various guesses did not get confirmation, e.g. the pain did not go away. So I got up and the pain left me, read my messages and began to meditate. My daughter, Tamara, is a season ticket holder for the Calgary Flames hockey team and she asked me last night if I wanted to go with her to tonight’s game. I said yes and planned to walk to the stadium in downtown Calgary, more than twenty K’s from where we live; but Tamara informed me she was working from home today and could give me a ride. I accepted and shifted my plans accordingly, now having more time in the day because the four or five hour walk was out.

In my meditations I learned that I was to decline the ride and walk to the game. All very subtle, but quite clear when taken in context. Josephine’s email was there with I woke up, and was part of the information I had while meditating. Portia’s came during my meditation and I read it after my meditation was complete and the choice to walk had already been made. It provided the reason I am to walk. I am to be out of doors and available to the solar storm and the energies it is generating and sending our way. Awesome stuff. Thank you, Portia. Guess the early rise was to allow me time to do all I was to do before leaving for my walk and the game tonight.

My route takes me quite close to my favourite tree, a one hundred and fifty six year old Douglas Fir called Ashram on the south bank of the Bow River. I plan to stop and say hello and perhaps do a little meditating in Ashram’s stately solitude.

It also seems I am to comment on a couple of Josephine’s threads. The ‘dark’ has greatly influenced curriculums for schools and universities and their world view is reflected in our education systems. To them, survival of the fittest and competition are paramount. That is their bread and butter so to speak and this has become what is taught. It was front and center in my education and not until I embarked on a spiritual path did I see the fear and underlying emptiness of these approaches. Cooperation is far superior to competition and is the way of Ascension, both in getting there and coexisting after it happens. That is what we are doing on this team, cooperating toward a common goal. Cooperation gives me a warm tingling inside.

In the nineties I studied beliefs and ways to change them using the science of NeuroLinguistic programming (NLP). They have something called a belief switch where you can take any current belief and change it in any way you desire. I changed some fundamental beliefs I held about myself and about self love. What I believed at the time was what I learned as a child and that belief had endured for decades. It was not a very complimentary belief and caused me to react in a prickly hard to get to know way. I shifted that belief to ‘I am loveable when I am my authentic self.’ Much better. Much, much better…

Beautiful cooperating with you all.
Freedom for humanity…


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