A Rejuvenation Progress Report

Today’s blog seems to be calling for a progress report. In mid December, over a month ago I declared my intention to pioneer rejuvenation as a gift to third dimensional humanity. Perhaps it will be my parting gift as I intend to Ascend and become multidimensional but we shall see. I am open to the possibility of continuing to serve three D humanity and that may be part of my future; either as a multidimensional human making visits to the third dimension or as one of those who delays their ascension in order to complete unfinished work in the third dimension.
Since adopting that intention a great deal of definition has been given me in terms of the characteristics of rejuvenation within the third dimension and the methods I am to use in pioneering rejuvenation. I am to lead a team of sovereign individuals who will pioneer rejuvenation and anchor that energy here in three D earth on behalf of humanity. Rejuvenation will be freely available as a birthright to any three D human that meets the pass codes. A summary of the characteristics of the form of rejuvenation I intend to pioneer includes the following:

Freely available to all as a birthright.
Exact same pass codes as Ascension which means those who achieve rejuvenation can also Ascend when they choose.
Pass codes include a service to others orientation and a dedication to their soul’s agenda.
These pass codes will be part of the life lessons for each human being and will be entry level for becoming multidimensional. Mastery is a level above with many additional lessons.
Access to the skill of updating auras so the rejuvenated body always has purpose and can attract appropriate lessons for the individual’s current state of evolution.
An out clause so rejuvenated people can leave their body and pursue other avenues of evolution.

On December 8, over a month ago, my aura was updated and adjusting to this update took about a month. The updated aura is singularly focused on pioneering rejuvenation and that is consistent with my current experience.
In early January I intended to form a team of sovereign individuals who shared the intention of pioneering rejuvenation in accordance with the characteristics listed above. That intention is now in progress and the team currently has four members and is learning to function effectively with each member being a sovereign entity. Each is approaching rejuvenation in accordance with their unique guidance and we are sharing as each deems appropriate. Additional team members are expected.
Part of my guidance is to just be and to let rejuvenation come to me. Each morning I get up and spend time meditating in order to clarify my guidance and set daily intentions consistent with the guidance I have been given. I have not yet experienced symptoms of rejuvenation but I can feel the foundations being put in place.
Yesterday was a good example of all of this. My guidance was to walk downtown, a distance of over twenty K’s. I did so and could feel the energies of the solar storms and of walking on the earth interacting with me. My personal experience was one of low energy and I slowed my pace to accommodate the incoming energies. I also experienced my balance deteriorating and had several episodes of losing my balance so I asked to be protected from harm and that was my experience. Loss of balance is for me a strong indication of being worked on by energies or beings of the Light and there is a general sense of foundational work being done. These symptoms and sensations continue today.
Freedom for humanity…


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