Angelic Influence

A teammate reported, ‘Last night, the Archangels Michael and Metatron visited me and told me they were changing the frequencies of my brain waves so that I may be more receptive to divine abundance.’ What follows is my response.

I am struggling a little with my response as there is a part of me that is envious of people who see their visitors and know them by name. That is not my experience and a part of me wishes it was. That envious part of me does not represent the whole but needs expression and is now willing to take a lesser role and support the authentic me. I am noticing how my path to this point includes experience germane to situations that come up. One of my best friends has similar gifts and has frequent visits and visitors from the angelic kingdom. We worked as partners in an energy healing business in 2008 and remain good friends and mutual supporters. Like JoAnne and her husband, we learned to work well together relying on each other’s strengths and unique talents while communicating and consulting as appropriate. I am confident that will be our shared experience on this team.

It feels like the work Michael and Metatron did with you, Portia, is related to the work you are doing with this team and rejuvenation certain fits the description of Divine abundance. Of course the visit could be related to other aspects of your journey and only you can know that. Regardless, I am encouraged by your experience and feel the love and support of these Archangels and in fact of the entire angelic realm.

Part of my journey has been information that I am an angel and I asked for guidance in terms of how to treat that in this lifetime as a human being. The guidance has been clear and consistent. I am here as a human being and as an equal to all the other human beings; some are angels and most are not, so focusing on being an angel is inappropriate as it creates differences and perhaps inequities. Not necessarily within my world view but none the less the possibility is there. My choice is to be human and to treat every human as equal and unique. In this choice being an angel has no meaning and I simply do and be as my unique self and as an equal to everyone else. I have a twenty year old nephew with Down’s syndrome and I am his equal. This was one of my issues with Richard and with the cherubim designation. He did not treat group members as his equal including me and when I demanded to be treated as an equal we found irreconcilable differences and we soon parted company.

That experience was learning for this team and part of my focus on being equals and having individual sovereignty originated in that experience. We are a team of humans with a common interest of pioneering rejuvenation, anchoring that energy here in three D earth and making that energy freely available to all of humanity as a birthright of being human. My angelic roots give me an interest in doing this work and have no other meaning. I do not have the gift of seeing wings on people although I know people who do and not having this gift serves me in this rejuvenation work because I make no such distinction and will gladly accept angels and non-angels alike as teammates and contributors. In my view we are a team of human beings working in service to humanity. Wow, that was long and drawn out…LOL

This is my stuff, Portia, not yours. And so dear Portia, please continue to share as accurately as you can anything you deem appropriate and please do not worry about my sensitivities. Like your experience of shifting guides that was very vivid and visual, your unique skills and mode of experience is of great value and feels critical to this team’s success. Please continue to be your authentic self.

One more thing. I woke in the night ‘knowing’ we are going to succeed. Don’t know how or when but this knowing persists. Awesome feeling.

Freedom for humanity…


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