I have a friend named Steve who is a walk-in. For those of you unfamiliar with this term, it works something like this. Each human being has a physical body and a non-physical soul. The body is useless without the soul, a condition we call death. A soul without a body is also very limited in our world. These exist as ghosts and spirit guides to name two of the many manifestations. Sometimes, two souls make an agreement that results in a walk-in. One soul with a body has finished what they came to do, or given up trying, and the other soul desires a body to do something in this world. The result is a walk-in with one soul leaving the body and the other soul taking it over. As a matter of interest, the walk-in event is usually violent like an accident but it can be emotional trauma or a breakdown of some sort.

One might think the walk-in would have smooth sailing in doing what they came to do but such is not the case. I have been blessed to have met half a dozen or more walk-ins in the past few years and they all begin their life journey as the person whose body they have inherited. They inherit the skills and training of the departed person. For example, one was a nurse and continued in that vocation. They inherit the memories of the departed person, so they know all about their family and their friends. They inherit the personality traits of the departed person although these are malleable and shifts are the norm, the walk-in’s life journey begins with the personality traits of the person who has departed. They even inherit the belief systems of the departed person, including things that do not serve them, like a victim mentality or bigotry, whatever beliefs the departed soul had carried when the walk-in event occurred. All of these things remain and are inherited by the walk-in. Call it double jeopardy, because without exception in my limited experience, each walk-in reports complete amnesia in matters related to the walk-in soul and that soul’s purpose for walking in. Only as they begin to find their way, by trial and error in the great Earth school we call life does this information come to light. In short, walk-ins begin their new life thinking they are the departed person and have the same challenges as any of the rest of us in terms of learning and living their life purpose.

Something has changed however, and will never again be as it was. The walk-in soul brings along a new aura. A bit of metaphysics is necessary to comprehend the magnitude of this change. Each of us has an eternal component that moves back and forth between life and death. Birth (or a walk in) is the start of a lifetime. Death is the start of a review session for the life just lived, followed by a planning session for the next life to be lived. Buddhists call this the bardo and I will borrow that term since the English language has no such term. In the bardo, the soul recasts their aura to something suitable to attract the lessons targeted in their next lifetime. Auras attract people and situations suitable for learning the targeted lessons. This aura is static for the entire lifetime and once the lessons are learned, the eternal soul returns to the bardo where this cycle repeats itself. Humanity is developing the capability of updating auras during a lifetime and I have twice experienced this with the help of one of the pioneers of this capability, a woman named Melonie Old.

Back to the walk-in. The walk-in brings along the aura of their choice. He or she walks in from the bardo along with an aura entirely suited to attract their desired lessons. Auras also attract life purpose and once the soul has learned sufficient lessons, it can use the aura to target specific life purposes.

This seems enough information to allow us to return to the specific walk-in called Steve. In Steve’s case, he did have some major advantages that many of us do not enjoy. He came with a specific and urgent purpose. He came with the intention to serve. He came with strong connections to the angelic realm. His soul had very little experience as a human being and that created some difficulties. He also had to learn the requisite lessons of a soul in a human body and inherited some inappropriate beliefs that had to shift as they were resident in the body he inherited, but few of these lessons were new to his soul. In short, this walk-in soul was and is a very advanced being. This is not necessarily the case with walk-ins, but is certainly true of the walk-in called Steven.
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