Steven and Lucifer

Souls exist in the realm of the non-physical where our laws of physics do not apply and where souls go after the transition of death. It is common for souls to make agreements in this realm and then return to embodiment to live out these agreements in physicality.
The battle for the collective soul of humanity has had many players over the ages and during the era of duality; each human could live either in duality or in oneness. Those serving duality had the upper hand in many ways and a ruling class developed and installed systems supporting duality. Either by design or through free will, the angelic realm had supporters in both camps and the best known angel supporting duality was Lucifer. Those who wanted to live in duality and exploit others had Lucifer as an angelic influence supporting their dreams and desires.
The age of duality ended on October 28, 2011 three months ago yesterday and humanity is returning to oneness; back to their evolutionary path. Lucifer was aware of this and asked for help in terms of ending his service to duality. An angel by the name of Izreal answered this call and became a walk-in to give Lucifer the help and support he would need. The body used in the walk-in was a man known as Steven and we became friends in the fall of 2006 about three years after the walk-in event. (See yesterday’s blog called Walk-Ins for background information)
Izreal (now Steven) had little or no experience as a human being and the body used for the walk-in carried lots of dark energies and negative beliefs. My role in the friendship was to teach Steven how to live in integrity inside a human body. For a year and a half we met once or twice a week in a kind of mentoring relationship as Steven worked through the various issues arising out of the dysfunctional life he was living at the time and began targeting to live in integrity and walk the path of his mission. At the time he did not know what that mission was and he did not even know who he was except he was not the person formerly known as Steven.
The help I gave was reciprocated in the summer of 2008 when I took a detour and Steven offered me a route back to my path and my mission. We became co-owners of an energy healing center in Toronto. For three months we ran this business and helped each other on our path. Lucifer made frequent visits and Steven had one foot in each world, one in oneness and one in duality. When he was in oneness we got along famously and interacted smoothly continuing our mutual learning and progressing toward our life missions. When he was in duality and basking in Lucifer’s energies we saw the world very differently and arguments ensued. I left the healing center in November of 2008 with Steven very much on a path of duality.
Steven ran the center until spring and then travelled and purged, oscillating between duality and oneness until the fall of 2009. We re-established our friendship during a visit he made to my hometown of Calgary that fall and for the next two years we had intermittent communications. When he was in oneness we would interact and communicate; we would be friends. When he was in duality there would be no contact.
A major turning point came a few weeks before October 28, 2011. Steven had met and married a woman who could tell when Lucifer came around and asked Steven to leave when Lucifer’s energy took over. Steven called during this crisis and we worked out that he was accepting visitors from both oneness and duality. My policy had long been to accept visitors only from oneness and Steve made that same choice. Lucifer was no longer welcome unless he wanted to shift into oneness. Within a few days Lucifer made another visit and a confrontation resulted when Steven held firm to his choice. The result was Lucifer making his own choice to shift into serving oneness and this took place a day or so before the end of the age of duality.
Lucifer still visits Steven/Izreal and thanks him for the help provided in shifting into oneness. I am convinced this was Izreal’s mission when walking-in.
Freedom for humanity…


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