Ancestor Work

My Dad died about a year ago and some ancestor stuff came my way as a result. I also was guided to clean up a couple of things on his behalf. To put this in context, Dad was a powerful and highly evolved being but never really got the hang of being human. There was a lot of dysfunction in his upbringing and some of it carried over especially when interacting with women other than his wife. He had a many year incestuous relationship with the middle of five daughters, Jackie. The rest had normal upbringings. I was involved in helping Jackie confront Dad and out this information back in the eighties. A lot of healing resulted but Dad never fully owned what was his and he never made apologies to those affected. When he died that was still there for Jackie and it bubbled over. My guidance was to call Jackie and apologize on Dad’s behalf as the oldest living male in the linage. Jackie trusts me and we had a very healing dialogue and it helped her understand that her reasons for continuing to hurt were no longer valid.
Another stream came my way, even older in origin. When Mum’s younger sister had young children they lived in proximity to Mum and Dad. Dad made an inappropriate pass at the sister and then lied about it and made up some story when the sister told my Mum. The situation was never repaired and the relationship between the sisters’s was estranged. I was guided to call the sister, a favourite Aunt of mine, and make apologies on Dad’s behalf. Again it was well received and opened some doors that had previously been closed. The last of these guided calls was to my Mum, informing her of what I had done. Again, well received.

I was taught forgiveness by Divinity at the age of forty something. My initial reaction was ‘I don’t know anything about forgiveness so how can I use it?’ When I checked, I found I knew everything I needed to know and applied forgiveness to the situation at hand very effectively. It was exactly what was called for. Looking back forgiveness was not something I learned in my upbringing and may not have been used by my ancestors. When I next saw my Aunt she treated me very well, even specially, but there was no mention of my call or the contents of it.

I have also been visited by ancestors. Shortly after Dad died a group of five or six of his ancestors came calling. ‘You are a Stopper’ they said and I said ‘Yes, whatever dysfunction that has been passed on generation to generation ends here.’ It was all related to the incest stuff and I asked Divinity to help me. Divinity answered my call and granted my wish, clearing it for all generations past and present and future.

About a year earlier I had been visited by an ancestor from my Mum’s side. He had not crossed over and came to me as a ghost asking for my forgiveness for something he had done in his lifetime about two hundred and fifty years ago. He was a man of the sword and I got him to lay down his sword and we then got to know each other and I very much liked the man. I forgave him and realized he was afraid to cross over into the Light. All communications are telepathic in these situations and I told him Divinity had long since forgiven him and he had nothing to fear and I would help him cross over if he so wished. He began to cry and I held space until his grief passed. Then he walked unaided into the Light. Someday we will meet again, this I know and he left a marker by which I will know it is him.
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