My Second Marriage

When my first marriage dissolved in the late eighties I had no particular spiritual aspirations and targeted to remarry someone I loved and who loved me. It took the better part of a year to meet such a person; a married woman who shared my passion for the game of bridge. We courted at bridge tournaments and became lovers. Even then I had methods of learning my truth and I found that she loved me and I loved her. Compatible in all the ways that mattered to me at the time, I asked her to move in with me and she agreed. At the time, I was at the apex of my career as general manager of a mining company in Flin Flon, Manitoba producing about four hundred tons per day of copper and zinc. A year or two later we married and invited our six children to the ceremony, her two grown sons and my three daughters and one son, aged eight through sixteen.
Fortune took us to the Toronto area in the early nineties and she supported me in becoming a consultant when my old school boss forced me to choose after I started a part time consulting company on the side. Sales and marketing were never my strong points and the consulting business bombed, in part because I was beginning to awaken spiritually. One vivid memory is of being in my home office and instead of doing sales work I was working on aspects of my spiritual awakening. Whenever I would check with my guidance, the message was loud and clear. ‘Just keep doing what you are doing. It will all work out.’
Lynn supported me throughout and began to earn money as a bridge director to supplement our dwindling savings. After three or four years, I targeted to return to the workforce and landed a general manager’s job with a small automotive supply company stamping metal car parts. The owner did not support my vision and we parted company within the year, just after I turned fifty. A couple of years later, I gave up looking for a ‘real job’ and joined Lynn in earning a living from the game of bridge. We became a kind of one two punch and our money issues were resolved.
In early 2004 Lynn had a medium grade heart attack. The stresses of all these shifts were part of it and at a certain level she blamed me. This culminated in a confrontation at our dinner table four months later when I said, ‘I am not part of the problem, I am part of the solution. If you continue to treat me as part of the problem I will leave.’ Lynn took this to heart and we became partners in what became a full and complete recovery. This was also a watershed in terms of improving our relationship with Lynn becoming receptive to being an equal in our relationship, and responsible for her own well being. In today’s understanding, we each became sovereign.
My spiritual awakening had long since been completed and I was coasting along with an ever growing sense of mission deep within. Three months after our dinner table confrontation, I decided to devote time and attention to my spiritual development. Lynn was kept abreast of my progress and my desires and I began to develop friends and activities within the spiritual community. A couple of years later I attended the first of many ten day meditation retreats. Lynn learned to meditate but did not accompany me on these retreats.
In the spring of 2006, I chose to surrender to Divinity during one of these meditation retreats. By the end of the retreat I realized that surrender was a full time job and I made that choice. Over the rest of that year I surrendered more and more aspects of my life, my fears, my will, my mission, my children, my livelihood, and finally my marriage. Most were returned to me without attachments but my marriage was not. Within minutes of surrendering it I could see it was not serving me, it was not serving Lynn, and it was not serving my mission. I knew Lynn would take this news poorly and I procrastinated until after a weekend meditation retreat. Lynn had visited her family and recounted her experience of being paralysed in the middle of the night with a bright light appearing in front of her third eye. Something broke loose and passed and her paralysis ended but the light endured and was still faintly there for her during the telling. ‘Do you think that may have been a spiritual experience?’ I asked, but to Lynn it was sheer terror.
When I woke the next morning I knew it had been a message for both of us. If we insisted on staying together Lynn would be taken from me. I told Lynn that I would be leaving the marriage in May of 2008 and all of the background information including my understanding of the message in her recent experience. I gave her the choice of moving the separation date forward and she chose to stay together those remaining fifteen months. Our soul level contract was still very much alive and those fifteen months were among the happiest and most productive times of our nearly twenty years together.
Freedom for humanity…


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