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The End of War

A reliable source has reported that a well known person associated with Project Camelot is currently hiding out in a well protected valley in the Andes Mountains in expectation of an apocalyptic future caused by a world war. My source … Continue reading

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Wingmakers Revisited

In July of last year, a friend recommended that I become familiar with the cosmology surrounding an alien race know as the wingmakers and I spent the better part of two days researching related sites, much of it at reading

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Visitors in the Night

I am continually amazed at the variety and uniqueness of my spiritual experiences. Visitors came in my sleep last night and it began with a vivid and complex dream of a man who had killed his wife and covered up … Continue reading

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Compassionate Alternatives

I got a Skype call from a friend named Steven now traveling with his wife in Ecuador, presently in the Valley of Longevity. Among the things we talked about was a reoccurrence of disaster visions, where natural and manmade disasters … Continue reading

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A Family Secret

Nothing was given me to write today and this was chosen from my archives. It was written a little over a year ago the outstanding issues were largely resolved in the weeks after this was written. Posted on January 6, … Continue reading

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Rejuvenation and Ascension

When I was sungazing, the sun would call to me, if I was feeling unmotivated or a window occurred on an otherwise cloudy day. The same thing is happening to me now as sungazing definitely seems part of the necessary … Continue reading

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Sungazing and Rejuvenation

From July 2007 until September 2009, a little over two years, I sungazed for an average of about twenty minutes each day. Sungazing is a process of looking directly at the sun in the morning or the evening when it … Continue reading

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