I went to see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close yesterday and the storyline is of a young boy’s adjustments after his father is killed in the World Trade Center’s collapse that we now know as 9/11. They showed images of the day’s events including the two smoking towers and the actual collapse when the first of the towers implodes and comes down in that distinctive way that occurs when explosives take out the bottom supports and the building collapses down upon itself, leaving nothing but a pile of rubble.
Like millions of others, I watched that collapse live on TV and I thought at the time, ‘That was very strange. How did the airplane damage cause that kind of collapse?’ I was so horrified at the time and traumatized by the day’s events that I thought no more about it. Only later when bits and pieces came out and the conspiracy theories began to gain credence did I put two and two together.
On August 18, nearly six months ago I decided to share my truth about 9/11 in my blog. Here is what happened: I began writing about a specific aspect of the ruling elite’s abuses and my computer went dead. It would not reboot and for six hours or so I retried without success. My computer was not the only thing affected as I was completely enervated and had a couple of naps and let whatever was happening energetically happen.
Around supper time, I woke up from my latest nap and tried again. Everything worked normally and the glitch has not reappeared. Before going to bed, I asked to understand all of this and this morning, my knowing is that I am not to write about that particular ruling elite abuse and that the glitch was caused by my guardians as their way of getting me that message. Interesting.

That was then and this is now and it seems the issue was timing. It is now time to share my truth. The ruling elite were responsible for 9/11. The twin towers were deemed a liability and when they learned of a plot to fly commercial airplanes into the towers, they prepared the towers for demolition and covertly cooperated with those hijacking the airplanes intending to use that as their cover story. After the planes hit the towers, they ordered the demolition to begin and we all witnessed the result.
Imagine the depth and breadth of control this bald faced fraud and public execution of thousands of people required. It required media control, control of the president of the nation, and control of the official investigation, just to name a few.
Image the cold hearted ruthlessness of planning and executing this criminal act. They could not put out the alert so the twin towers were open for business as usual. They could not warn people of the coming demolition so those trapped were advised to stay put and wait for rescue. Even those involved in the rescue attempt were placed at risk and many died. Ruthless, absolutely ruthless.
This morning I knew I was to share my truth and asked what had shifted. We were still in the age of duality last August 18 and those responsible for 9/11 were still empowered. The age of duality ended over three months ago and those responsible for 9/11 have overstayed their welcome. It is time for them to step aside. It is time for the truth of their many abuses to come to light. I am not among those who believe they should be held accountable but I am among those who say, ‘Your time is over. Duality is over. Step aside and let those supporting oneness rule this world.’
The age of duality ended on October 28. We are now in transition into the coming age of oneness. One aspect of that transition is speaking the truth and having a free press with journalists and reporters who speak their truth. That will soon happen. When that happens, the growing body of evidence related to the 9/11 criminal acts will become public knowledge. It may well be the ruling elite’s Berlin Wall as the public will not long stand by in support of such ruthless criminal behavior; and like the Berlin Wall in 1987, the ruling elite will soon be no more.
Freedom for humanity…


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