These last few days have been about transparency and about not having secrets. It is now time to return to what I am here to do, to return to my mission and to focus on the gift I am intending to bring to humanity. That gift is rejuvenation and it is over a week since that was the focus of my blog. Rejuvenation may or may not be my mission although this morning it feels to be something I am to do on the way to doing my mission. We shall see.
This past week has been well spent. It was a kind of clearing the deck week with various aspects of my life and of my experience being exhumed and shared, some once again and others for the first time. In some cases it was an affirmation of who I am and the path I have chosen. In some cases it was paying tribute to important influences and to those who helped me along the way. In some cases it was the release of fear accumulated along the way. In all cases it was my truth and furthered my guidance to be fully and completely transparent; to have no secrets and to be authentic within the writings of my blog.
That work ended with the outing of my truth about 9/11, a truth I had previously been guided not to share. This is a reflection of the progress humanity is making in terms of returning to oneness and in terms of reclaiming their sovereignty and their freedom. For the past twenty months or so, I have carried the intention of doing whatever I was given to do in terms of ousting the ruling elite. I have long known my role to be a supporting role in this matter and that others are doing the heavy lifting. All I am to do is hold space, live in accordance with sovereignty principles and speak my truth when that seems germane. That was completed, at least for now, with yesterday’s blog and the actual work of taking over the reins of power is something I leave to others. They have my support and I hold space for them and live my life according to the principles they will bring to the rest of humanity but the actual work I leave to them.
In the bigger picture, all of this was part of my guided path, part of delivering my gift to humanity; and part of living my mission whatever that may entail. On Tuesday, January 24 I became aware of some new energies impacting me. They originated in the solar storms taking place at the time and I was guided to go for a long walk that day and soak it all in. I did this and for several days thereafter I processed these energies and followed the guidance that resulted. The next day I summarized my progress to date on pioneering rejuvenation and that remains the status of this project as no new information about rejuvenation has come my way and my focus has been elsewhere.
It feels as though the work I was guided to do this past week was a kind of clearing the deck and getting rid of blockages and impediment to what is soon to come. At any rate, I am now being guided to refocus on the task at hand. That task is rejuvenation.
We have beautiful weather here in Calgary and my guidance today is to go for another long walk and bask in the beauty and solitude of the sun that sustains all life here on this beautiful earth.
Freedom for humanity…


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