Our Day Will Come

A teammate, Portia, wrote in part:
I wish that conscious awareness and spirituality is infused in everything we do now.

I want to leave the old system and way of living now.

I want to do something major about it now.
Here is my response:

I loved your piece, Portia and I have a great deal of empathy for how you feel and for what you are feeling. Plus, you expressed it beautifully. I realized this has been my feeling for about three years. Here is my story.

I returned to Calgary in late fall of 2008 after three exhilarating months as a co-owner of an energy healing center in Toronto. The Universe had made it clear that this was not what I was here to do both in leaving and in the lack of clients as I attempted to remain a healer on my return to Calgary. The message was ‘That was a learning experience. Healing is not what you are here to do in this lifetime.’

A month or two later in early 2009 I took the intention of understanding how the world worked. Why was it that humanity was so focused on the material and things like angels, ascended masters, extraterrestrials and christ consciousness are marginalized and treated as weird inventions of overactive imaginations?

My guides were very responsive to my intention to understand and information came pouring in. Books called to me and on one occasion a book even jumped off the shelf and landed at my feet. It was tough going as it is not a pretty picture but over the course of the next nine or ten months, I learned how our current world functions. The recent movie Thrive done by Foster Gamble is a good summary as is David Icke’s seminal work called …and the truth shall set you free.

Here are the essentials. A small unelected and covert group of people that I call the ruling elite currently govern humanity and make all the major decisions in terms of world policy. They own and control all the major media companies and set editorial policies. The world banking systems which they own give them unbelievable wealth as about half of the taxes collected in the free world go directly into their coffers through legalized enslavement called interest payments on national debts. The same is true of third world countries and regimes that resist fall prey to their dirty tricks squads and the foreign policies of the US and Britain, which the ruling elite have long controlled. Elected officials are their puppets and those who dare oppose their plans are bribed and if that fails they are given bad press in the media and if they continue, they have been eliminated in staged accidents or assassinations. Extraterrestrials pose the gravest danger to their continued rule because of the free energy technologies that run their spaceships so the official policy of the ruling elite is that ETs do not exist, endorsed by the controlled media; and the militaries under their control hunt them and treat them as public enemy number one.

Once educated, I took the intention of doing whatever was given me to do in terms of deposing the current ruling elite and replacing them with a world governing body targeting individual sovereignty and oneness. ETs are also a source of working models based on these concepts. I have followed my guidance in this regard, starting the blog in the December of 2009 and consistently speaking my truth in this highly public forum. I am aware of a great deal of behind the scenes negotiations between Lightworkers who are backed by extraterrestrials and the ruling elite and great progress has been made. As I wrote recently: I have long known my role to be a supporting role in this matter and that others are doing the heavy lifting. All I am to do is hold space, live in accordance with sovereignty principles and speak my truth when that seems germane.

Now the good news. The ruling elite’s control strategy is based on an illusion. How else can a few hundred families rule all of humanity? The illusion is based on fear and scarcity, both in and of themselves illusions. Without fear humanity would insist on individual sovereignty. Living outside of fear is what powers the Lightworking community and each of us has our own personal story of how we transcended fear and took back our personal power. We are nearing a tipping point where the groundwork done by Lightworkers will spread as if by magic to all of humanity and when that happens, the ruling elite’s illusion will disappear like fog on a sunny morning and be no more.
Scarcity is also an illusion. Free energy exists in abundance in all of space and it will make all existing energy technologies obsolete including oil.
So, Portia, keep the faith and continue honouring your inner guidance. If you are given something to do, by all means do it. In the meantime, know that unbelievable and beautiful change is near at hand. Recalling a song you posted to the team recently, Our Day Will Come.
Freedom for humanity…


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