A Do-Over

Another teammate responded to Portia’s dialogue and I reacted with a somewhat terse reply. After sleeping on it, here is what I wish I had said and because we live in the now, I get to say it:

Wow, Jo. I’m taking a do-over.

Okay, now what is mine to say…

My apologies for my reaction of yesterday. Not so much what I said but the energy of it all. As the Buddhists love to say, ‘It is not what you do that is important, it is how you do it’ and I came from negative places rather than from love and compassion.

I watched the video you sent of the interview with George Kavassilas and I accept his interpretation that the ruling elite are an invited intervention and we need to thank them for the trials and tribulations they have visited upon us. That seems absolute truth to me. I reference things to my own experience whenever possible and this seems a reflection of an experience I had when I separated from my first wife. The deal was that she would live in our home until the school year was out and then would move back to her roots about 400 miles away and I would continue my life in the mining town in which we lived. She would have full custody of our four children and I would have visiting rights and be a long distance father.

Each summer our local bridge club hosted a bridge tournament. I had a date with an attractive out of towner as my bridge partner during the tournament and unbeknownst to me, my ex wife decided to stay for the tournament. Awkward. My date expressed discomfort over the situation and I said to her. ‘This is now my town and my time. I have respected my ex and treated her well but she has overstayed her welcome. I am now a single man and can act accordingly. She is welcome to stay and do as she pleases but we are also free to do as we please.’ That same sentiment applies to the ruling elite. The agreement is over. They are no longer welcome or invited to exploit and subjugate us. I am taking back my power. I am sovereign; just as humanity is taking back their power and humanity is sovereign. The ruling elite are welcome to stay and welcome to continue to be a part of humanity, but they are no longer welcome to rule over us. The gig is up. George in his own way was saying the same thing.

There comes a time to stand and be counted and this is it. I fully understand that my power goes to where I choose to put my focus and I am not focusing on deposing the ruling elite. I am only doing my part by speaking my truth and standing my ground. My focus remains on following my guidance and doing what is given me to do. This morning it is responding instead of reacting to what you wrote yesterday.

What I am given to do in this period of my life is pioneering the gift of rejuvenation for humanity. That is my focus and these other things are impediments along the way that are being dealt with using the energies of love and compassion in order to make room for what is to come. Rejuvenation sweeps aside the illusion of aging, a major factor in the age of duality. Duality ended a few months ago and we are heading into oneness. In oneness, there is no aging. We are each eternal and the avatar of our body is continually refreshed and maintained at whatever age we choose. That is rejuvenation.

Freedom for humanity…


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