A Loosely Knit Team

For many years I have felt myself to be part of a loosely knit team bringing beautiful and beneficial change to humanity and to the planet on which we live. My teammates are spread around the planet and most of us are unaware of each other, although many of us share the same sense of purpose and of acting in concert with a larger plan.
What is that plan? Clearly it is related to Ascension and the coming shifts for humanity and for earth but what it is exactly and how we get there is still being written, still being created by the loosely knit team. The end result is already written and is part of the fabric of space and encoded in the energetic transmissions emanating from the center of the universe but how we get there depends on the collective contributions not only of the loosely knit team but also of those opposed to the change, those who want humanity to continue living the same as before.
An infinite number of timelines exist for the path humanity will take to Ascension and in some of these, humanity misses the boat completely and some other species takes the role. All timelines are possibilities as they are in the future and in the holographic way of looking at the universe, several can exist at once. We are all together here on earth sharing a timeline in this present moment and creating the timeline for the next. Each of us makes our own unique contribution and together we move forward in this shared timeline. The loosely knit team support each other and contribute to each other’s ability to create what they desire.
An example to illustrate. Many of my teammates are involved in taking back humanity’s power from those I call the ruling elite. Some deal with the extraterrestrials supporting us, others deal with the ruling elite itself and yet others deal with support structures and platforms for cooperation. The success of these various efforts affects all the other members of the loosely knit team. For instance, my intention of pioneering rejuvenation is dependent on the success of these efforts. Rejuvenation is incompatible with duality and as long as the ruling elite remain in control, duality remains. That does not mean rejuvenation will not happen in the event the ruling elite remain in control but it would mean that rejuvenation will not be part of this particular reality, this particular shared timeline. I have faith in and energetically support those teammates doing this work and continue to target the work I have chosen and the work that gets assigned to me.
Complex, yes; but teamwork always is and the larger the team, the more the complexity. The loosely knit team numbers in the hundreds of thousands and likely in the millions already and it is growing every day, so complexities abound. None of that is my concern. My concern is twofold. One is to support and hold space for my fellow teammates as my contribution to their success. The other is to maintain my intention and continue to gather together the energies of rejuvenation and a team targeting to pioneer this process within our human bodies. The rest will be done through me and through us. All I do is keep my focus on these dual concerns and carry out whatever is given me to do to the best of my ability. That is simple and I leave managing the complexities to a higher power.
All it takes to be part of this loosely knit team is to follow your guidance; to get in tune with your inner wisdom and to consistently follow that wisdom. I did this through surrender to Divinity nearly six years ago and loosely followed my inner wisdom for many years previously. The difference was I sometimes over ruled my wisdom and chose other options. I surrendered to Divinity because I became aware that living my mission, i.e. doing what I targeted to do in this embodiment; would require me to follow my guidance in all cases and take my ego out of the decision making loop. I am well pleased with the results to date.
Freedom for humanity…


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