Sovereignty in Action

The rejuvenation team had a little excitement today. One teammate had an invitation to a disclosure meeting (disclosure is shorthand for the process of letting humanity know we are being supported by visiting extraterrestrials in our Ascension process) onboard a spaceship of one of the helping extraterrestrial nations. The meeting was scheduled for last night but was delayed without a reschedule date. She described her guides as ‘strangely cryptic’ on this occasion. It would have been her first experience onboard an ET’s spacecraft and she was left wondering.
She asked for help in understanding the situation and what came to me was the importance of accessing our inner wisdom and not relying on the advice of someone else, no matter how well meaning or ‘connected’ they may be. Here is part of my response:
One of the hardest lessons for me to learn was that I did not know what was best for anyone else, only they could know that. That also means that what is best for me in a situation may be entirely different from what is best for another in that same situation. When rejuvenation first came on my radar screen it had such allure that I was not able to access my guidance in the same way I had previously done. Eventually I worked through to my inner truth but it was a process and it took months and a significant detour. It all had purpose so I begrudge none of it and even the choices I made that I would do differently in hindsight contributed to my learning and to my present orientation regarding rejuvenation. It is important to note that Source has infinite resources and can bring us to our true calling by an infinite number of paths. Sometimes we have to make choices and that determines our path but not our destination. Our destination remains and instead of the left fork we take the right.
In my experience, when my guides get cryptic it is because I have a free will choice to make and they will not influence me. That may or may not apply in this case. Wish I could help just like I wish I could be part of the spaceship meeting but that is not given me to do. Anyway, that was me and you are you. What say you, Teammate?

Another teammate with a natural skill set and instant rapport responded as well and here is a part of her response:

Dear Teammate, I get a little finicky about asking questions and minding other people’s business. So any inquiries were simple and basic. This adventure is yours and it is not my propensity to “butt in” so to speak. I am perfectly content to learn what you have to tell when you feel it is appropriate to say whatever you say.
I will stay tuned and ask for whatever will assist you, however I know in my heart that Archangel Michael will guide you however and whenever is best for you. Know this. Being excited is a very good thing – it ramps up your vibratory rate. Staying focussed on what you think you don’t have (yet) will interfere with your energy, adding density.

In a world of individual sovereignty we are each equal in terms of accessing Source for ourselves. There is a caveat however and that caveat is that none of us can access Source for another person; we can only access Source for ourselves. This is the failsafe for sovereignty since in this way we each have to go within to get true guidance as we cannot find it anywhere else. It also means that those promising guidance from an external source are false prophets.
All this reminds me of something that happened to me recently. I was guided to write about 9/11 which over road previous guidance that I should not because it would attract unwanted attention and I was a little nervous and wanting validation. A friend with background in all of this emailed me during this process and I reached out with the question of what path to take. The email was blocked (something about an overload on the system); an error message I had not seen before or since. Okay, I get it. This is for me to decide; not for anyone else. I checked with my guides and they were consistent. It was time for me to speak my truth; which I did.
Freedom for humanity…


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