One of my rejuvenation teammates had a recent past life as a member of a conquered race on a far away planet. She joined the underground (literally) movement that succeeded in throwing off their oppressors and chose as her next embodiment to use those skills in helping humanity do the same thing.
Her recent lifetime is very instructive. In one view of cosmology shared by many, the entire human race will acquire skills like she already has through the experience we are currently living, the skill of throwing off exploitive masters or masters of any kind. In the case she lived, the masters were well known having arrived from space and used force to subjugate the native population. They may even have looked very different as has been the case in this galaxy where the marauders seeking conquest and subjugation are created warrior races created and bred for warrior and subjugation purposes. Loyalty is among the highest values encoded in their DNA.

All of this was part of an experiment in this galaxy sanctioned by Source to test the power of love. Could it really stand up to a full on armed onslaught by races created and propagated for the sole purpose of conquering and subjugating the galaxy and beyond? In this experiment the creator god (known as Ankara) of the conquering created races created species of sentient beings from reptilian beginnings and imbued them with whatever characteristics seemed most appropriate. They had a great deal of success conquering and subjugating much of the galaxy but the strength and coordination of the resistance also grew under the leadership and coordinative function of the Galactic Federation of Light, the same body that is coordinating the support efforts here on earth. By some accounts, the war raged for two million years.

About fifteen years ago in the mid to late nineties, Ankara threw in the towel, and shifted his allegiance to Light bases agendas and advised all those in the Alliance to do likewise. Nearly all obeyed, after all loyalty is their highest value, and part of the negotiations for peace centered on the request of these warrior nations to be included in the Galactic Federation. This was agreed and the warrior races are currently part of the Federation struggling to bring individual sovereignty and free will to their internal societies that had previously been based on military models of command and control.

Earth was part of conquered territory in battles before the fall of Atlantis and was taken over by a race of shapeshifters who were part of the Ankara Alliance but used different methods for subjugation. Essentially these methods were to create an illusion of freedom and use their deception and policies of scarcity and control of the resources to subjugate the native population. They have been extremely successful and with the backing of the Alliance and the technologies they accessed and withheld from the native population we have what is presently in place. The earth and her native population known as humanity living in economic slavery and artificial scarcity with a small covert ruling class acting as minions of the subjugating rulers. The off-planet masterminds followed Ankara’s lead and became part of the Galactic Federation; but their minions, the covert ruling class of humanity did not and has chosen to soldier on and attempt to maintain their control and subjugation using all the advantages they had been given including the illusion that remains in place. They continue the push for a unified world government under their control and of course obstruct Ascension in any way available to them.

Sheldan Nidle is the source of much of this ET information. Among the work he is currently doing is liaison work with the warrior races as they attempt to shift into Light based agendas.

Freedom for humanity…


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