Switching from Duality

My spiritual awakening occurred in the late nineties and I began to have a personal experience of Source and began entered into a relationship. I knew that what I had done could be done by anyone and that a relationship with Source, with our Creator, was a human birthright. None the less, it was very new and different from how I had been relating to my world, both inner and outer, and I went searching for help in terms of making sense of it all. I was raised a Christian and returned to my Anglican faith that I had left at the age of twelve nearly forty years earlier. (This was short lived for a variety of reasons and I became spiritual rather than religious.)
Over the next few weeks I read the Bible cover to cover. The book of Job had great resonance. In it, a man of faith and prosperity is stripped of everything, his wealth, his possessions, his family, even his health in a test of his faith and when he passes the test, all is restored. In my experience faith was completely unnecessary. I was meditating and each time I got quiet and silenced the noise and the voices I had my own personal experience of Source so who needed faith; it was always there for me as my own personal experience.
The story of Job can be put into another context with a different value at its core. Let’s substitute oneness as the value, instead of faith. The opposite of oneness is duality and in duality I fight and go kicking and screaming as my possessions and my advantages are stripped from me. In duality I try every trick in the book to retain my advantages and even add to them. In duality it is me versus them and I am a separate entity. In duality I am attached to my possessions and to my family and to the advantages I have worked so hard to acquire. In duality stripping me of all that I have is worse than death. Sound familiar?
In oneness the target is the greater good. Our own good is of secondary or even tertiary consideration. In oneness I am totally focused on the greater good. Now let us see the effect of being stripped of everything. If it serves the greater good, all is good and I am doing my part in a higher plan, either seen or unseen. In oneness I recognize that we are all one and my wealth, my possessions, my friends and my family are not mine in the first place. In oneness I am not attached to anything or to anyone. We are all one and fear and scarcity are seen to be the illusion they are while love and compassion are seen to be all that really matters. Instead of ‘what can I get’ the question becomes ‘how can I serve’. In oneness I know that my greater good and the greater good are one and the same. In oneness I live in abundance and know that I am always taken care of and that whatever I truly need will be given me.
A few months ago the age of duality ended and a new age, the age of oneness began. We are in transition and support for duality is falling away. Many angels and other spiritual beings supported duality as their contribution to school of life, as their contribution to the experiential school of embodiment. Dark and Light is really an expression of duality (dark) and oneness (light). Without experiencing duality we cannot appreciate oneness.
We are all created beings and we all are travelling our unique experiential path learning our unique lessons as we go. Some choose embodiment and some choose spiritual experiences. Some choose duality and some choose oneness and some play both sides. There is one guarantee for each and every one of us, for each created soul, and that is that we all return to Source, we all return to oneness. Those that have chosen duality need help in terms of making the switch to oneness and those they go to for help are those who have played both sides and have chosen to serve only oneness. Why? For two reasons, first because such people can relate to duality and to what those serving duality are going through and second because such people are now steadfast and serve only oneness, so they can no longer be led astray, they can no longer be tempted by the fruits of duality.
Many of us are serving in that capacity at this time. None of us can help another if they are not yet ready to be helped but for those wanting to switch from duality into oneness, help is available and many of us are in fact that help.
Freedom for humanity…


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