My daughter is going through some stuff right now and I am getting to watch her process. She has a friend in the know and they talk for long stretches every other night supporting each other and dealing with whatever is currently happening in their lives. This seems to work well for both of them and it is a reminder to me of how different we all are.
My daughter and her friend seem to grow in doing this and can walk together along their individual paths, going to different places; and nurture and support each other in the process. This is fun for them and they each seem well served and fortified to continue on along their chosen path during the day or two between calls.
My process when dealing with stuff has been far more solitary. When I have something that is stuck sideways, I go within knowing the answer is there. If it is really difficult I ask Divinity and my guides for their help; and if it is really, really difficult I surrender it back to Divinity and see what is given back to me. Then I write about it to clarify what I have just learned.
I have something like that in my life right now and the paragraph above pretty much describes my process. It is related to the rejuvenation team. We have gone through a period of intense sharing where a couple of teammates opened up and shared things from their spiritual experiences they had previously not shared. We all responded in nurturing and supportive ways and offered inputs from our own experience. A lot of the subject matter was related to spirit guides who served so called dark agendas. I have had considerable experience in this regard and had much to share from those experiences.
At some point, I felt I was overdoing it and falling into a failure mode where I think I have the answers to another’s problem. I did not exactly know what my issue was but knew it was time to step back and take more of an observer’s role rather than an advisor’s role. I did this but because I did not understand fully what I was feeling or the principles behind it all, it came out a little petulantly and I was not happy with the energy transmitted.
For much of this lifetime, I thought and acted as though I knew the answers for other people and often campaigned for my solution to be adopted. It is only in the last few years that I learned the lesson that I do not know what is best for anyone other than myself and that thinking I do does not serve anyone. Those kinds of activities, no matter how subtle or well intended compromise the sovereignty of the other. My part is to share my wisdom especially when gained by hard earned experience and then let the other decide; and then step back and let the other take the path of their choosing. I can hold space for their success and for their sovereignty, but nurturing is not my bag. That is not what I do or what I want to do. I don’t ask others to nurture me as I have plenty of strength within me and in the processes I use; and I do not want the nurturer’s role in my interactions with others.
Now that I understand what is going on within me and the principles that are in play in this situation I can respond to my teammates with more clarity and continue to serve the greater good; for the team, for my teammates and for me.
Freedom for humanity…


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