Foundations for Rejuvenation

It is about a month and a half until my sixty-fourth birthday on April 3 and the Beatle song keeps coming to mind. Will you still love me, will you still need me; When I’m sixty-four. My sense is news of the shifts that are currently taking place behind the scenes will be in the open before I turn sixty-four.
The ruling elite and their duality systems are under heavy attack on many fronts and although I am not directly involved on any of these fronts, I can feel the shifts taking place and I can feel the ruling elite’s illusion of scarcity parting at the seams as various pressure points are yielding. I was sent a couple of ET transmissions recently and the ET’s continue to support the humans doing this work on the many fronts where it is happening. One very important supporting role is to keep the Lightworkers safe from the ruling elite’s treats under which many of these Lightworker’s currently operate.
Bringing rejuvenation into this dimension continues to be the contribution in which I am directly involved. The team formed to do this work is operating very well and foundational work is being done by all of the team’s members. Yesterday was a busy day for me in this regard.
Yesterday began with me getting clear about the role I want to play in terms of helping others as they make progress. This clarity is outlined in yesterday’s blog. By early afternoon I was ready to go walking on a beautiful sunny day and chose a route of about two hours in duration. I could feel the energies of the shifts all around me and interacting with me and it became a working walk as the sun poured these energies into me and I soaked it up and began the process of integration. By the time I got home, I was a little wobbly and enervated by all this interaction.
My ‘take action now’ signal was activated an hour or two later and my knowing was that I was to meditate to assist the assimilation and integration of the energies. I did this intermittently throughout the evening and took a lengthy lights out meditation just before going to bed. I watched some basketball and some hockey as all this took place and it was not until the lights out meditation that I gave this process the attention it deserved. After about an hour I was ready to go to bed and things seemed in hand but not yet completed.
I woke at three something and my ‘take action now’ signal was acting up again. There were two messages, one was to drink lots of water as the activities of integration had interfered with my normal eating habits and I had snacked my way through the evening. A mild case of indigestion may have resulted but I cannot be sure since my ‘take action now’ signal occurs in the stomach region. The other message was to meditate and fuelled by water and warmed by a covering blanket, I dressed and settled into my meditation position in my meditation chair. I could feel the energies interacting with me and went deeper and deeper into the silence and stillness of meditation. Surrender seemed the most important element of it all as I let go of the discomfort and let go of the desire to repair my systems and return them to full functionality. In place of this desire I accepted that I did not know what to do and surrendered the process to Divinity. An hour later all was restored to full functionality and I returned to bed and slept until morning.
In the morning I asked if these energies were related to rejuvenation and got a strong affirmative. It seems work is underway to bring rejuvenation into this dimension. My knowing is that this cannot happen until the ruling elite are ousted from power as rejuvenation can only come into an energy field of oneness so the ruling elite’s energy field of duality must be transformed. The form of rejuvenation being pioneered by the team is based on oneness and has the exact same pass codes as Ascension. As the earth and humanity are being transformed and are moving into the beautiful and beneficial energies of oneness, rejuvenation is becoming possible within the third dimension.
How all of this is to take place I do not know and will never know, but I can do what is given me to do and last night’s episodes were what I was given to do. Still no physical signs of rejuvenation, but the foundations are being laid and as duality ends here in 3D earth, rejuvenation becomes part of the oneness energies that are transforming our 3D reality.
Freedom for humanity…


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