Rejuvenation and Ascension

When I was sungazing, the sun would call to me, if I was feeling unmotivated or a window occurred on an otherwise cloudy day. The same thing is happening to me now as sungazing definitely seems part of the necessary inputs as I intend to pioneer rejuvenation. That happened this morning and I found a folding chair to use in my driveway. Unlike my last stint of sungazing in 07-09, I now sit instead of standing as I sungaze.
I also want to report a meditation session that occurred in the wee hours. My take action now signal went off and I got up to meditate. The session centered around an experience with Divinity that took place in 2007 and stitching that experience into the various chakras, especially the throat and third eye chakras. Interesting times.
Other inputs are also finding me. Some channelled material from the Arcturians had some very useful information. It seems many of us wayfinders are spending time aboard ET spaceships while we sleep and because our three D minds cannot grasp the experience, it does not stick in our memory, instead is a feeling of anxiety or depression as our minds default. With meditation or other centering activities, this negative feeling is replaced by bliss. That perfectly described my experience of the morning this material came my way. When the coming shifts happen, our minds will be able to grasp the timeless nature of the higher dimensions and memories of these experiences will then be restored. There was also some very useful clarifications of the dimensions, particularly third, fourth and fifth although the sixth, seventh and eighth are also represented in spacecraft in our skies.
As it relates to Ascension, which is a done deal in terms of yes/no and in terms of the overall timing but much remains to be decided in terms of how and what portion of humanity is included. There was confirmation that self interested and exploitive world views are limited to the fourth dimension or below which prevents those so inclined from gaining the advantages of the higher dimensions and also provides incentive for shifting world views to those of oneness and honouring the greater good. There was also confirmation that those remaining in the third dimension will not be able to detect those who move on to the fifth dimension although those in the fifth will be able to return to the lower dimensions and observe as is presently happening with the ETs.
When the Ascension event occurs later this year, some portion of humanity will move into the fifth dimension and the eternal moment of now, some will move into the fourth dimension as a stepping stone and arena for learning and transitioning and some will stay in the third to continue learning in this environment of linear time.
Rejuvenation was not addressed, but I can take the information provided and ask my guidance how rejuvenation fits in. What I am being told is that rejuvenation is a done deal in the fifth dimension and above and what the team and I are pioneering will have no impact in these higher dimensions. Rejuvenation is already a part of life in the eternal now in which these dimensions exist.
The transitional fourth dimension is where the gift of rejuvenation is to be pioneered. Humanity can exist in the fourth dimension with or without rejuvenation and the transition into the fifth can still take place. Rejuvenation, especially the form being targeted by our team with the exact same pass codes as Ascension, will make the transition smoother and provide what I call ease and Grace to the process of transitioning from the linear time of the third dimension to the eternal now of the fifth. There are of course other differences but they are beyond the scope of this writing.
What is to happen in terms of rejuvenation in the third dimension is still being written. What I have previously written remains valid. As a summary, rejuvenation is incompatible with duality and there is currently work taking place on many fronts to end duality and transition into oneness here in the third dimension. If this work is successful, it will be possible to pioneer rejuvenation here in the third dimension. If this work meets with limited success, pioneering rejuvenation here will not happen, at least not before the Ascension event. We are collectively still writing this chapter.
Freedom for humanity…


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