Compassionate Alternatives

I got a Skype call from a friend named Steven now traveling with his wife in Ecuador, presently in the Valley of Longevity. Among the things we talked about was a reoccurrence of disaster visions, where natural and manmade disasters are being visited upon humanity. Steven has not had such visions for about two years and this time, there was a very noticeable difference. The visions were accompanied by a hooded man dressed in white and he removed the hood to give Steven guidance in terms of interceding on behalf of compassion and on behalf of oneness.
One was of Paris being flooded and following the hooded man’s guidance, Steven was able to hold back the flood waters and they receded without wreaking havoc. In another Steven is visiting a man wanting to build a bomb to be used in terrorist activity. The man asks Steven for his help and Steven stands steadfast, saying ‘I only stand in the Light now and will not help you.’ Later he saw a news report of this same man being arrested after his bomb failed to explode.
A third vision is of an earth quake causing a train wreck. Steven was guided to visit a human with skills in facilitating the earth shifts without causing massive earthquakes. Steven held space for this man’s work and encouraged him to do what his natural gifts allowed him to do and the train wreck was averted. This was quite similar to work Steven and I have done together. He has the gifts and I hold the space and empower him to use his gifts on behalf of oneness and on behalf of compassion for humanity.
We met over five years ago when Steven was just learning that he is a walk-in and has great gifts that can be used either on behalf of oneness or on behalf of duality. Our on again, off again friendship vacillated according to the choices Steven was making at the time. When he was in service of oneness we were friends and I held space for him to use his gifts compassionately. When he was in service of duality we walked our separate paths. Along the way he met and married a woman who plays a very similar role in his life and about six months ago, encouraged and supported by his wife and aided an abetted by me, Steven made the free will choice to serve only oneness. He has been steadfast since making that choice and consistently makes his choices on behalf of oneness and on behalf of the compassionate service of humanity.
What Steven is now pioneering is a timeline where Lightworkers have the ability, individually and collectively, to intercede on behalf of humanity and transmute disastrous timelines into beneficial timelines while facilitating all that is to happen in ways that serve the greater good. The end results are already determined. Humanity will be part of Ascension and some portion of humanity will Ascend when the earth Ascends and becomes a home for fifth dimensional life this coming winter. The grid to support fifth dimensional life here on earth is in place and is being fired up in twelve increments that started on January 1, 2001 (01-01-01) and will be completed on December 12, 2012 (12-12-12). A few days later, on the winter solstice of 2012, life will shift on this planet as we become fifth dimensional.
How we get there is still being written. The great majority of humanity is along for the ride, like the people on the train heading unknowingly into the earth quake zone. A small and diminishing but still powerful group is attempting to prevent Ascension or at least retain their power within that portion of humanity that does not Ascend. Their primary tools are the status quo which includes the illusion that nothing is going to happen and fear.
Another small but growing portion of humanity are the pioneers and the wayfinders. This group, often called the Lightworkers, is growing in stature and in capabilities. Steven is part of this growth and is pioneering the power we have as compassionate human beings to create timelines of our own choosing and shift shared timelines in beautiful and compassionate ways. Disaster and fear do not have to be the shared outcomes and Lightworkers are beginning to have the ability to create and implement compassionate alternatives.
Freedom for humanity…


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