Visitors in the Night

I am continually amazed at the variety and uniqueness of my spiritual experiences. Visitors came in my sleep last night and it began with a vivid and complex dream of a man who had killed his wife and covered up the murder successfully from the law, but not of course from Source. The murder occurred centuries ago in the kitchen and hearth area of a wealthy home and the blood stained the hardwood floors. The murderer was part of the visitation but others were also there including the victim. My Dad who died a little over a year ago was part of the dream, as an investigator of the crime scene, but did not seem part of its aftermath.
When I woke from the dream, I could feel the presence of entities and I could feel they were not in the Light. I nearly asked them to leave and then it struck me that they wanted to shift into the Light. That is part of my purpose and I agreed to do whatever I could on behalf of shifting the energies of this long ago event into the Light while declaring myself unwilling to aid and abet on any other condition or for any other goal. Over the next couple of hours a variety of initiatives took place through the vehicle of my human body and I provided willingness and a choice point as each had to be initiated and sanctioned by my free will. I never had the sense of being the murderer but it could easily have been an ancestor.
The order of things is a little hazy as all was conducted in an altered state but here are the initiatives that I can recall.
The Akashic records were altered or at least a blank page was provided for each of my visitors so they could continue their learning experiences. In the same vein, I borrowed from my experience with Melonie Old and facilitated the murderer in updated his aura to one suitable for redemption and for continuing a human experience beyond that of the murder scene.
I requested clemency on behalf of the situation and on behalf of the murderer. When I did this, a huge jolt of energy passed through me and into the earth as the negative energy of the situation cleared for the murderer and clemency was granted.
It occurred to me that the victim remained trapped in the situation and I offered to visit the crime scene with forgiveness and with a sense of the gift of eternal life. This offer was welcomed. I entered into the blood stain on the floor carrying these metaphysical knowings and the victim seemed then free of her vows and her desire for revenge. My experience of being murdered in a past life and of remaining at the scene to observe the aftermath seemed especially useful in providing this service.
At a deep level it seemed I was helping to pioneer forgiveness and clemency pathways for those who are currently engaged in exploitive and parasitic activities but as I write this seems a choice each of us must make for ourselves. I was able to assist in this situation because I was approached and invited, and because I accepted the invitation. It is true that the pathways we jointly travelled are relatively new and little travelled by humanity, and in that sense we were pioneering.
Were those currently exploiting humanity served by this work? That remains to be seen and the choice of using these same or similar techniques remains with these people. In the event I am approached in the future to assist, I will know what to do and I now have experience. We shall see.
Once the work was done, I returned to sleep and slept late. This morning, it seemed I was to write and share my experience and this I have done.
Freedom for humanity…


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  1. steve says:

    Keep up the posts john, great reads (:

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