The End of War

A reliable source has reported that a well known person associated with Project Camelot is currently hiding out in a well protected valley in the Andes Mountains in expectation of an apocalyptic future caused by a world war. My source actually attended part of a meeting with this person and his followers and reported that this person is not currently in the Light and is instead carrying a fear and control based energy.
I trust my experience above all else and what comes to mind is something I went through shortly after I chose to make spirituality my priority. I became aware that the world money markets would collapse somewhere down the road and I wondered what strategy served me best armed with that knowledge. I had a substantial sum of money invested in a mainstream vehicle in the form of a retirement fund and I asked my guides how best to approach the situation. Their answer: ‘Do nothing. Let the money manager do his thing and you will be penniless along with everyone else when that time comes. Meanwhile you will have enough.’
It took me awhile to adjust to this guidance but adjust I did. We are heading into a future where money is meaningless and everyone has the innate ability to manifest their survival needs in much the same way as we breathe the air around us. The only timeframe in which I will be in need of money is the period of time preceding this shift and the money manager will provide during that time. By following this guidance I was able to devote my full attention to matters of interest to me and let others look after the money, something in which I had no interest. I was good with that and that is what I have done.
War is much like money. Both are inventions of the ruling elite and neither serves the interests of the people. Both are based on scarcity. In our natural state of abundance and oneness, neither makes any sense what so ever.
My choice is to focus on a reality of abundance and oneness and in this reality; there is no need for money or for warfare. Further, I am a sovereign being and warfare is not part of my chosen timeline. I currently share a timeline with the warmongers and I am making it clear that they are not invited to bring warfare into our shared timeline. They do not have my permission to do so. Further, this shared timeline is no longer theirs to do with as they choose. The age of duality is over, has been over for five months and they are no longer empowered to visit humanity with their atrocities and their duality way of life.
Humanity has chosen to be a part of a Light based timeline where abundance is everyone’s birthright and where everyone is individually sovereign. The ruling elite is welcome to be part of that timeline, but no longer invited to be humanity’s ruling class. That privilege now belongs to people who understand, appreciate and honour abundance and individual sovereignty. To the ruling elite I say, ‘Step aside and take your warmongering attitudes with you.’
I am speaking up on behalf of humanity and on behalf of planet earth. Earth is our home and warfare is no longer welcome in our home. To the ruling elite I say, ‘Take your war toys and leave or dismantle your war toys and stay.’ I am now speaking on behalf of humanity and on behalf of our home, the planet we call earth, and I say two things. ‘We choose peace and we choose individual sovereignty. You are welcome to stay if you choose these things but only if you choose these things.’
That is what I have to say. Now my focus returns to oneness, to abundance and to individual sovereignty.
Freedom for humanity…


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