When is Soon?

In the fast growing community of Lightworkers it is commonly agreed that there are magnificent shifts soon to come. A common question is ‘When is soon?’ I have the following experience.

For several months I bought into Richard Presser’s cosmology and used it as the bases for my own and he is big into the shifts coming at the winter solstice in December of this year. When I found his leadership restrictive and left his sphere of influence, I tossed aside all of his cosmology and returned to a long standing practice of only accepting things that had verification from two or more independent sources. When I did this, I could see that Richard’s cosmology was sadly lacking in this regard as his verification is all self generated.

I left Richard’s influence in April, nearly a year ago, and for a couple of months, information poured in as I assumed sovereignty and accepted a leadership role rather than a follower’s role. One of the things I accepted at the time was that I did not know the timing of the changes soon to come and I lived throughout the following summer accepting that fact. I found it made no difference in terms of my mission and my life purpose. What I was doing was entirely appropriate and on target no matter when the changes actually took place and if the winter solstice of 2012 came and went without noticeable change, c’est la vie. I would continue to live my mission and my life purpose as we moved forward, always with the intention of path-finding and way-showing for the rest of humanity.

Then something interesting happened as Calleman’s end of duality date, October 28, 2011 approached. For interest sake, Richard was vehemently opposed to Calleman’s theories and never missed an opportunity to denigrate them and it always struck me as ‘What is Richard’s reaction all about? Who cares if Calleman has it wrong? It makes no difference.’ Outside of Richard’s influence I was open to TRUTH and targeted to match my truth with ultimate truth. In early October, two or three weeks before the 28th, Calleman’s end of duality date intruded dressed up as ultimate truth and the universe sent me reminders to pay attention. What followed was some intense work with a friend who was going through some stuff related to ending duality in his own experience. Since then a vast range of personal experience has convinced me that the age of duality ended last fall and we are in transition as we prepare to usher in the magnificent shifts soon to come.

Part of the packet of information preceding October 28 was an interview with David Wilcock. I wrote about that interview in a piece called The Pilot’s Chair on October 23 and it was the needed second piece of information from an independent source. Here is an excerpt from what I wrote:

David Wilcock is a credible witness and he does not tell stories that have not been verified and cross referenced. He shared a story that affected me profoundly, one I had not previous heard.
It is well known in these circles that one or more space ships crashed in the years after WWII and that the ruling elite took control of the wreckage and attempted to reverse engineer the technology. The pilot’s chair was one such find and with the help of cooperative Sirians here on other missions, they were able to make the chair work as a time travelling device where the pilot sits in it and by intention travels either forward or backward in time. An obvious target time period is after the end of the era. Consistently and repeatably, whoever piloted the chair would experience a bump when traveling to a time beyond the winter solstice of 2012, like hitting a curb while driving a vehicle, and the pilot would then experience a mind blowing shift in consciousness, a mind blowing shift that did not leave the pilot even after returning to the present time in the third dimension.
I trust the human experience above all else. My own experience is at the top of this trust, but the experience of others is right up there. I have not yet had the experience of time travelling beyond the shift or for that matter any time in the future. I have deliberately avoided such experience even though it is not that different from time traveling back into the past, something I have done on several occasions. I have also had Grace filled experiences with Divinity and these are mind blowing in their own way. In short, I trust this report of human experience and its implications that suggest a major and unprecedented shift in consciousness is in the works surrounding the end of the era, at the winter solstice of 2012.

When is soon? I believe the magnificent shift takes place later this year but I am prepared to continue my work in the event the timing is different.

Freedom for humanity…


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