Harry Potter Metaphor

My middle daughter hosted a Harry Potter weekend where all eight movies played in sequence over Saturday and Sunday. This is roughly twenty hours of movies when short breaks and such are factored in. I was invited and showed up around one on Saturday afternoon, half way through the second movie. I had seen all eight movies at one time or another although I have only read the first and last two books.
My intention was to follow my guidance in terms of attendance and I returned home, a half hour walk, on the Saturday evening after watching movie number four. My guidance was to return for movie five starting around nine on Sunday morning. My interest in the Harry Potter phenomenon is based on the premise that its popularity flows from the fact that Potter’s world is a metaphor of today’s real world where the muggles represent the uninformed masses, Potter and those supporting him represent the Lightworkers, and those opposing Potter and attempting world dominance represent the ruling elite.
The fifth movie is a very apt metaphor for current events. Essentially the battle between the two ‘in the know’ competing forces is in full bloom with frequent skirmishes while the muggle world, the world of the uninformed masses sits mostly on the sidelines. The leadership and the press of the muggle world do not report truth and deny the very existence of a plot by a few powerful and self interested people to control of the world. Sound familiar? In the movie/book, both competing groups have highly visible and named leaders. In real life, the powerful and self interested group is nameless and faceless. In real life, the battle is not between leaders, the battle is between ideologies. In the simplest form, the battle is between an ideology of individually sovereign people targeting the greater good (Lightworkers) and an ideology of sovereignty restricted to a powerful self interested few who rule the world (ruling elite).
This same episode captures something I am currently experiencing which is believing something because of personal experience that is widely disclaimed by the mainstream media and by the masses of humanity. Because it originated in personal experience, it is un-provable in any of the ways currently accepted in our three dimensional world. Harry experiences the return of the dark lord and narrowly escapes his clutches to return to his world. Only a select few believe him as he recounts his experience and the mainstream media opposes his information. For many current Lightworkers, the situation is even grimmer as their experience is often classified as a form of mental illness with mind-numbing drugs the prescribed cure. I know of several people who have faced this reality.
The reality for me and for many others is more like Harry’s where we do not run directly afoul of the medical or law enforcement communities but gather personal experience that is un-provable and unsupported by mainstream society or by the controlled news media. Harry’s pronouncement that the dark lord has returned is very similar to our ‘knowing’ that the world we live in is controlled by a covert and unelected few who target world domination. This view is not currently provable within the limited resource base available to any of us and is officially unpopular, especially within the controlled media; and even among our family and our friends, it is viewed with suspicion and with doubt.
The option I have chosen, as have many others, is to soft-pedal our viewpoint; to treat it as our personal opinion and to admit that I cannot currently prove it to be truth. Yes, it is my truth and that truth is a factor in the various decisions that I make. I write about it in my blog and speak about when asked but I respect the choices made by others and I respect their free will and do not campaign for others to see the world in the same way I see it. It is a private opinion based on personal experience and at this point nothing more. I believe all of this will shift in the near future as the illusion crafted by the few unravels and the truth will out. In the meantime, the mother of all conspiracies remains an un-provable hypothesis that forms part of my belief system. I tell others if they ask, but not otherwise.
In the final book, and the final movie, the truth is outed and the Lightworkers prevail. Those same things are about to happen in our third dimensional reality which is part of the beauty of the Harry Potter metaphor; it is also a prophesy about to become reality.
Freedom for humanity…


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