Humanity’s Three D Timeline

It seems my path is running parallel at present to the path of those deposing the ruling elite and that much of what I am targeting to do in terms of rejuvenation is not available until the ruling elite is deposed or at least removed from their current position of power within our three D world.
I just watched the Harry Potter movies which are a metaphor for the work humanity is currently doing with the bad guys standing in for the ruling elite and the good guys standing in for the Lightworkers while the muggles, those without magic, stand on the sidelines. There is a major difference between the Potter metaphor and reality. In the Potter metaphor the good guys and the bad guys have relatively equal powers and aside from the bad guy’s willingness to use forbidden curses, they both access essentially the same magical powers.
The case here on earth is far more complex with the ruling elite currently having by far the better technology and no qualms about using their current advantages to forward their aims and objectives. In the bigger picture however, it is the Lightworkers that have the trump card. Because of their aims and objectives the ruling elite is limited to the technologies and the physics of the third and fourth dimension. In simple terms, they have access to the best technology that has been developed in the three D world and to technologies of the fourth dimension, the dimension of magic but they cannot access technologies of the fifth and higher dimensions, technologies of miracles. Those are restricted by cosmic law to those targeting the greater good, to those who make the heart based choice of service to others in preference to the ego based choice of service to self. That is the essential pass code for Ascension and the current ruling elite are well aware that Ascension and the higher dimensions are unattainable within their current mind set. Their former off world allies have chosen to shift their mindset and are now busily working on bringing a service to others orientation to their home worlds and to their own lives. The earth’s ruling elite know they now stand alone and they were encouraged to follow the lead of their off world overlords and shift their inner allegiance to one of service to others but they declined. Their hope is that they can prevent Ascension or failing that, continue to rule over that portion of humanity that remains in the third dimension either by choice or because they cannot meet the Ascension pass codes.
The timeline for the portion of humanity that does not Ascend is still being written and this is the timeline to which I am currently drawn. My choice is a timeline with individual sovereignty, abundance and oneness. All of these are available within the third dimension and such a timeline would provide a smooth transition into the higher dimensions for those who are currently left behind, however such a timeline is in direct opposition to the ruling elite’s favoured timeline, one of continuing the status quo with a ruling class targeting world domination and the rest of humanity doing their bidding, essentially as servants to the ruling elite.
The ruling elite know that if their objectives were known, they would soon be ousted from power since no one would willing enter into such a timeline. Their strategy is to create an illusion in which the masses feel they are free or feel they are powerless to do anything about their fate. That is our present situation with those in the so called free world under the illusion that they are free and those in the so called third world under the illusion that they are powerless and can do nothing to shift their fate.
Most of humanity buys into the illusion created by the ruling elite and sit quietly on the sidelines as others decide their fate. In truth, each of us has an equal say in humanity’s shared timeline. The ruling elite have already lost the battle to control humanity’s timeline and Ascension will be taking place. Play your part in choosing the timeline that will govern for that portion of humanity that does not Ascend. We each have an equal say in what that timeline will be and the ruling elite are small in number so their choice can easily be overruled. Choose a timeline of peace, abundance, and the end of duality and declare your choice in whatever ways occur to you.
My choice is to add rejuvenation into that beautiful and beneficial three D timeline, rejuvenation with the exact same pass codes as Ascension. In this way, those who do not Ascend with the rest of us will have a clearly illuminated pathway to Ascension as they improve their choices and their capabilities. In this way we will all soon be reunited as multidimensional beings in the higher dimensions.
Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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