Jean Val Jean

I had a dream this morning that woke me perhaps an hour before my normal wake up time. The dream was of a fierce bull chasing a group of people, including me. The bull turned on an unidentified female friend close by and charged. The woman fell in an attempt to escape and I was unable to help as the bull turned its attention on me. I found a tree and maneuvered to have it between me and the menacing bull. The bull was at first confused as I kept the tree between us and faced the bull, looking it in the eye. Suddenly the bull became fearful and turned tail. At this point I woke up and began my day.
An hour or so later a friend traveling in South America called on our Skype connection. He has strong connections to the angelic kingdom and has been channelling some material targeting to be of service to Gaia and to humanity in the coming ascension. Following his guidance, he went to an interior valley in the Andes and met someone who asked him to do an earth ceremony to clear some negative energy. He and his wife set off yesterday morning to perform the ceremony and were accosted by three men performing their own ceremony and who had guns and machetes.
They held the wife hostage and promised to release her for a $3000 bounty. When my friend went to get the money he ‘knew’ they were lying and would kill them both on his return. He has a strong psychic connection with his wife and told her to fight and escape. In his absence, the kidnappers began to beat and rape the wife. She fought back and somehow managed access to a machete which she wielded in self defence. Somehow she got to a cliff over a ravine and jumped, escaping through a sixty meter fall. My friend was already on his return to the scene and via his psychic connection, went directly to where his wife had fallen. She was taken to a hospital with a badly broken pelvis from the fall, arm and neck injuries and the rape injuries. The police were involved and my friend was called in this morning to identify a suspect. He could not make a positive identification and ended up shaking the man’s hand, the bull in my dream with fear in his eyes.
He called me asking my advice and I listened for several minutes to his story, his angst, his confusion, and desire for revenge/justice, and his anger that his protection had not prevented the incident. Then came a shift in his energy and I called it to my friend’s attention and asked him the same question he had been asking me. ‘What does your guidance from this calm and peaceful place say you should do?’
After a lengthy pause within this shifted energy my friend responded, ‘It says I should walk away…’ That confirmed what was coming to me and we talked for another half hour working through the various aspects of this guidance. I have nothing within my personal experience from which to draw but recounted from the experience of others. Inelia Benz advises not to engage with evil as it will swallow you up and we explored how his revenge motive and his work with the local police was doing just that. I also told him of a news story that got my attention a few years ago. A spiritual leader had his son killed and instead of seeking justice, he forgave the killers and ended the negative energy of what had happened, grounding it. This story brought up the handshake of the morning meeting with the accused assailant and took on a special meaning with my friend.
Part of what my friend shared was that Gaia had appeared to him and informed him that his work was unwelcome and asked him to stop. What came to me was that a tread of what he was working on was in this category but his mission is to serve Gaia in the transition and he could do this by entering into an attitude of service and asking what he could do from that attitude.
My friend just called and he has begun a process of returning to his loving self and acting out of that self. His guidance is to identify the assailants but not press charges and he related to the story of Jean Val Jean where the bishop buys his soul for Divinity by lying that he gave Jean Val Jean the silver candlesticks he had stolen. Perhaps that is the path my friend is to walk.
Freedom for humanity…


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