Talking to the Press, or Not

I have a highly conscious friend, a walk-in, and much of what happens in his life is shown him in advance. About six months ago he chose to serve only the Light after years of what he called neutrality where he had one foot in each world, sometimes serving the Light and sometimes serving duality as he deemed most advantageous.
He and his wife have been travelling in the third world this year and they recently were the victims of a criminal attack, a mugging and kidnapping that led to serious injuries on the part of the wife. They escaped but staying in the Light was a real challenge under such circumstances and after wavering for a day or two my friend reconfirmed his intention to do just that and stayed on the Light based path.
For a variety of reasons, my friends have chosen to keep their story from the press. This kind of story is right in the press’s wheel house and the bare facts have leaked out and my friends are under considerable pressure for more information. They have maintained their silence with the world press although my friend has twice been on the countries TV in sympathy with the forces contributing to hostility toward tourists, especially Americans, who are buying up property in parts of the country and driving up prices so locals can no longer afford land.
Let’s return to the choice to talk to the world press or not. This has been at the back of mind for a few days and something was hidden from me until this morning as I was sungazing. The world press is currently controlled by the ruling elite and only stories that serve their purposes get major coverage; and even then, the editorial control remains with the ruling elite. Let’s apply this to my friend and to this incident. Would they print his sympathies for the local population and his views of what could be done to mitigate the damages foreign money is doing to their way of life. Not a chance since money driven shifts and the advantages of the privileged class is exactly what the ruling elite is all about. Would they respect the privacy needs and the confidentiality wishes of my friend and his wife? Not a chance. The paparazzi have a long history of taking what they want and what they believe will sell papers.
Let’s say you had a story of a miracle or a story of a beautiful and beneficial encounter with an extraterrestrial. Do you think the world press would be knocking at your door? But because your story will inspire fear and security concerns the world press is all over it. Fear and scarcity drive the illusion that protects their way of life and they will spare no expense to bring such stories to light.
In short, if you want to stay in the Light and use the energies of a negative event to effect positive change, telling your story to the controlled world press is exactly the wrong choice to make. If you take this approach you will soon be in the damage control mode as they will sensationalize those things you want to soft-pedal and omit those things you want to emphasis. Once they have the story it is theirs to do with as they please and because the news service and all the major papers are owned by the ruling elite, the story will come out in ways that serve their aims and objectives.
A long standing principle of dealing with self interest and with evil is to stay disengaged. Yes you can listen and yes you can hold space but do not engage as once engaged it will swallow you and your Light filled agenda and prevent it from seeing the light of day. Currently the world press is owned and controlled by self interest and by evil. Staying disengaged is the only choice for someone who wants to serve the Light and who has a story they deem newsworthy.
Freedom for humanity…


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