Life and Atoms

Stephen Izreal is a mystical friend who is channeling some very interesting information these days. Part of what Stephen is channeling is that life operates on principles very similar to those governing at the atomic level in atoms. Atoms are the basic building block of life and in fact all matter in the universe.
This ties in nicely with work done by Nassim Haramein, a mystic and also a physicist who has one of those rare minds that can do the math required to be a theoretical physicist. Haramein has found that the physics of the very large, e.g. black holes which are in the center of each galaxy, and the very small, e.g. atoms which are the basic building blocks of matter, are very similar. In fact atoms meet the physical requirements of a black hole where they are a closed system from which nothing escapes. The primary force in the very large black hole is thought to be gravity whereas the primary force in the very small atom is the energy contained in space, but each in its own way acts as a closed system.
In Haramein’s work he plotted the energy levels of these two extremes and found that life fit nicely in the middle between the two. He postulates that the physics of life would someday be shown to have similarities to the very large and the very small in much the same way as they have similarities to each other.
Stephen is channeling these similarities. Essentially, the physical vessel, the body is like the atom with the higher self acting as the negatively charged electron with little mass, whizzing around the nucleus. The nucleus is the oversoul and it contains the positively charged particles called protons which balance the negative charge of the higher self, just as protons in an atom balance the negative charge of electrons. Many atoms have multiple electrons and multiple protons and life is similar as the oversoul can birth many souls all belonging to the same soul family, each with a higher self that orbits the oversoul and has a balancing entity resident to the oversoul, the equivalent to a proton in an atom.
More similarities exist and Stephen is channeling that the higher self, the electron equivalent, can exist in more than one state of excitation. In the world of atoms these states are called valences and the electron can be excited into a higher valence level given exposure to a threshold energetic frequency. The electron can remain in that higher state or can return to the lower state and when that happens a discreet energy packet is emitted, called a photon. In life, the threshold energetic frequency can be achieved through intention and when the higher self achieves the higher valence, it can visit other dimensions and other lifetimes and search through the oversoul’s archives to find experiential information germane to the intention taken. Thus the higher self gains the required information and returns to the physical body to impart that information in the form of learning and the equivalent of a photon is emitted. I did not find this in Stephen’s channeling to date but I am getting that the energy packet emitted returns to a central archive and becomes part of the species’ data bank of information. The higher self has access to this data bank but the connections to the oversoul are much more available and more quickly translated into learning.
I recently went walking intending on exploring this information and testing it for personal truth. I found great resonance but also some resistance and some gaps in terms of how my current personal experience is tracking this new information. Without question my intention to bring rejuvenation into this dimension is using these pathways and my higher self (electron) is excited by this intention and can move into a higher valence level. There is some resistance related to shifts that have not yet happened in this dimension and until those shifts occur the retrieval of the needed information is being blocked. Stay tuned as these blocks are soon to be dealt with and the rest of the process can then take place.
My thanks go to Stephen and his recent work. Interesting times. Interesting processes.
Freedom for humanity…


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