Helping Someone Clear their Karma

Of course, Conor. I will start a direct e-mail conversation and give you the help you are requesting. As I wrote in my January 12 blog called Clearing Karma, this is no longer a particularly difficult undertaking, as long as you are willing to take back your power and forgive yourself and others. I can assist you and point the way, but it is you who has to do the work.

That is what I wrote and posted to my blog in response to your request to help you clear your karma. You have responded and answered the first round of my questions, now we can go a level deeper.
Are you willing to take back your power and forgive yourself and others? My e-mail of yesterday began the process of forgiveness and that beginning is suffice. This e-mail deals with taking back your power.
First a little background information. In 2007 I began working with a life coach and we worked together for over a year, meeting every couple of weeks and progressing on my agenda. He had some principles that attracted me, basically that I set the agenda, that I already had all the resources necessary to achieve my agenda and that his role was to ask appropriate questions so I could ‘connect the dots’ and move forward on my agenda.
We will be adopting that model assuming you want to continue to work together. As you may have already guessed, I do not charge for the work I do; I have enough money and my reward is helping another to become authentic as this contributes to the shifts soon to come. We both remain free agents in all of this. You are free to quit the process at any time and so am I. We work together because that is mutually agreed and that can change unilaterally at any time. It is likely that we will become friends in this process and I look forward to that likelihood.
Lets now talk about ‘taking back your power’. Essentially we will be targeting individual sovereignty which means you will be reporting to no one but your creator, to no one but Source. I try not to use the word God since it means so many different things to different people and things get confused.
Individual sovereignty is necessary to live without karma as without being individually sovereign you are constantly attracting new karma that has to be cleared. By being individually sovereign you end this cycle.
You mentioned health issues and named a few and we can start there. Western medicine would have you believe that these things happen to you and ‘they’ will help you cope. In individual sovereignty, you recognize health issues are of your own creation and that you created all of them, with your thoughts, with your actions and with your choices. The good news is that what you have created you can change. You can return to full and complete health. That is your birthright. All it takes to return to full and complete health is to take back your power and make health giving choices, take health giving actions and think health giving thoughts. It is simple, but it is not easy.
Your health is only one of the areas where individual sovereignty is lacking. You mentioned work and it is likely in today’s world that you are not individually sovereign in your workplace. Few are. This will also get dealt with as we move forward as will all the other areas of your life where sovereignty is lacking.
Enough for now.

Freedom for humanity…


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