Control of the Media

Years ago I quit reading newspapers and listening to the news on TV and radio. It was a matter of intuition and a matter of interest. I knew the media did not cover the kinds of things that interested me and I knew they covered a great deal of things that turned me off; fear based things and control based things, things that sapped the joie de vie right out from under me. At the time I had no special knowledge and did not understand the reasons behind all of this. I simply knew that news from papers, TV and radio was not for me and I would live without it. Keeping abreast of current affairs was no real problem as the major issues filter through and I found I had my own opinions and sometimes fresh insights for those imbued by the controlled news. Unknowingly, I was setting the stage for my later development into an independent sovereign being.
My basic method was to adopt some principles and then interpret information in accordance with those principles. Over the years those principles shifted as what I targeted in life shifted. Pre-puberty I was Christian through and through, then came a time of rebelliousness where I was a rebel often without a cause but stood for change and for independence. Next was the business phase of my life where I targeted to become a success by rising in the corporate world and succeeding in competitive ventures. Then came a spiritual awareness which became the primary lens through which I lived my life, and becoming a better person became my intention.
Finally came my intention in 2004 to dedicate time and resources to my spiritual development. That soon became all consuming and my soul was elevated to the role of primary decision maker in all my choices. Truth became a primary influence as the soul craves truth; not truth as others see it or as others say, but ultimate truth, primal truth.
What was ultimate truth regarding the world I lived in? How did things really work and who were the players determining human destiny? Three years ago I took the intention of understanding all of this as a sovereign being and as a platform for living my mission, for doing what I entered this embodiment to do. I had already lived for three years in surrender to Divinity and was well supported with guidance and information from other worldly sources and it was this resource base that was activated by my intention to know the ultimate truth behind the human experience.
Over the next several months the puzzle was slowly assembled and by the fall of 2009 it all fit together. There was a self interested group of people that I call the ruling elite who manipulate the rest of humanity and has determined world affairs and humanity’s timeline since the fall of Atlantis over twelve thousand years ago. They used two primary tools in the modern world. These were ownership of the banking systems from which they derived unheard of wealth that they use to forward their aims and objectives. The other was ownership and thus control of the press and major media outlets by which they manipulated world opinion.
For the past thirty months or so, I have viewed the news from the vantage point of living in a world with a controlled media and an understanding of the ruling elite’s ultimate objective which is to rule the world and determine humanity’s timeline. Things I previously did not understand became obvious.
Things like the decade’s long denial of the truth of UFOs and the decade long cover-up of the truth behind 9/11. Things like the lack of coverage of various truths that do not support the ruling elite and their plans. I lived through my city ending fluoridation of our water and the press insisted on supporting continuing fluoridation including a ban on the various studies that debunk the practice and the cover story of dental benefits used by the ruling elite. Things like the lack of media coverage as various banking scams come to light by independent media sources and the internet. These are truths the ruling elite does not want exposed and so the controlled press is silent.
All of this is changing and changing fast. Innumerable cracks are appearing in the illusion crafted by control of the media and the forces of Light and Truth grow stronger by the day. The ruling elite and control of the media is now like the mythical Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke holding back the deluge of Truth.
Truth will out and behind it come the beautiful and beneficial shifts soon to come.
Freedom for humanity…


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