Freedom Roll Out

As bedtime neared last night, I came across a YouTube video of a radio program broadcast by an independent calling themselves Freedomize Radio with a guest named Drake Bailey. Links are below.
I followed the link and read the preamble and it looked interesting enough to listen so I stayed up well past my bedtime listening to the nearly two hour recording on YouTube.
Drake is an American living in West Virginia and is connected to the worldwide efforts to legally end the rule of the ruling elite. He talked about how this will be done in the USA and did not deal with how these same efforts will come down in other countries.
Here is my summary of what was said and of course, you are welcome to listen to the YouTube program for yourself:
For the past twenty years a coordinated world wide effort has been in the works to legally end the rule of the ruling elite (Cabal). Common law will be implemented replacing case law which is presently in place the world over. In common law damage to others is an offence as is stealing from others and damaging our shared ecology. The ruling elite are guilty of all of these offences and in the roll out of the plan, they will be arrested and their assets impounded.
The major tool in the ruling elite’s current scam is the worldwide banking systems headed by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and the entire system will become illegal as it funnels the wealth of the world into the hands of the ruling elite. Existing currencies will be replaced by currencies owned by the people and serving their needs.
Lists of people to be arrested have been prepared and they include all the members of the ruling elite and their key henchmen, e.g. people in positions of power in business (including finance) and in government. Existing law enforcement agencies will make the arrests and be backed up by the military if necessary. All of the legal requirements are in place and the arrests will be legally sanctioned.
The roll out will be worldwide so there will be no place for those on the list to hide. The roll out is well planned but the situation is very dynamic and glitches are expected as well as some disruption of services although the intent is to minimize all negative impacts. Control of the media will immediately be taken from the hands of the ruling elite and placed in the hands of those implementing the changes so the public will have access to calming information and the truth behind the existing illusion will begin coming to Light.
Repressed abundance technologies will be rolled out as part of the planned changes and the illusion of scarcity will soon shift as these technologies are implemented. Drake did not mention the supportive extraterrestrials or their technology but I know from other information that they are supporting all of this and are willing to share their technologies of abundance.
The public is advised to stand down and allow all that is planned to play out. This is of particular concern in the US where many citizens have weapons and militias are commonplace.
Wow…Talk about music to my ears.
I went to bed after listening and I was in an altered space with energetic inputs coming throughout the night. I slept fitfully and generally welcomed the inputs. The purpose of these energies is not clear to me but I know them to be related to preparing me for whatever role I am to play as the roll out takes place and the shifts begin.
This morning I am up early and writing the blog. Doing my part to spread the information and holding the space for these long awaited shifts to begin.
Freedom for humanity…


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