Ashtar Command

Humanity and Earth are blessed at this time to be visited by cosmic trouble-shooters who call themselves the Ashtar Command. To understand their role, one first has to understand free will and how it operates in our universe.
Our vast universe has a central point, called variously cosmic center or the central sun and that is where this round of creation began, billions of years ago. Source resides there and presided over the initial creation and informed all of space so everything is connected to Source and to the information encoded in space. Free will (sovereignty) is part of creation so each created being has free will. This naturally leads to some interesting detours where lessons are learned and some use their free will to override the free will of others. This is allowed to continue until a balance is achieved where those wanting to regain their free will have a greater weight of consciousness than those wanting to override the free will of others. This battle of wills has been played out many, many times in our universe as the power of love, the most powerful force in the universe eventually overcomes the power of self interest. When this tipping point is reached in a civilization that has been wandering off on a detour of self interest, the Ashtar Command is activated and comes to town like a new sheriff in a previously lawless Wild West town. The sheriff ends lawlessness and those exploiting the town are either apprehended or move on or mend their ways and become law abiding citizens.
That is what has happened here on Earth. The weight of consciousness of the Lightworkers and those motivated by service to others (love) has out-weighted the consciousness of those targeting the continued exploitation of humanity and the Ashtar Command has been sent to implement cosmic law in this previously lawless Wild West town we call Earth.
Like any good sheriff, the Ashtar Command abides by cosmic law in all their actions, otherwise one form of over-riding the free will of others would be replaced by another. The essential rules are that free will remains in effect and that the law abiding citizens of the planet have to do the work in terms of making required changes. The sheriff works for them, not the other way around since when the sheriff leaves, the citizens have to carry on and maintain a lawful society where free will is respected. It is not until the planet has sufficient skills and capabilities to effect such changes that the Ashtar Command is deployed since their role is as a resource rather than enforcement otherwise free will is not being observed.
A short history of Earth seems appropriate. We were on the path of destroying ourselves and the planet on which we live; something that has happened to many civilizations in the history of the universe. The call went out for souls to live lifetimes as humans on the planet in order to raise the consciousness level. Many responded and the average consciousness of humanity rose above the threshold level in an event now know as the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. The free will of those favoring love and service outweighed the free will of the self interested and battles to determine humanity’s timeline began to be won by the Light.
At some point after the Harmonic Convergence, the Ashtar Command came to planet Earth. Their ships are in our skies along with many ships belonging to the Galactic Federation. In order to grant everyone the free will choice to Ascend or not, the Ashtar Command has been granted the right to protect the planet and its citizens from terrorist activities performed by the self interested. They have a great deal of technical expertise and have prevented the use of explosives with terrorist intent. The failed second round of the London subway bombs is one well known example and many more will come to light once the controlled press is freed.
Essentially, if your intent is to use explosives to override the free will of another, your thoughts are being monitored and your plans will not come to fruition. As a last resort, the Ashtar Command will disable your explosive device, a relatively simple procedure for their vast technical capabilities. Their intent is to preserve life in all their actions and even when subduing those intending to attack and harm the Ashtar Command, they use methods that preserve the lives of their attackers.
We are fortunate indeed to be under the care and protection of the Ashtar Command. Lightworkers everywhere are known to them and simply by asking for their protection, Lightworkers are protected from harm as those intending to override the Lightworker’s free will (sovereignty) are prevented from so doing.
Awesome in every way.
Freedom for humanity…


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