Friendly Skies

Yesterday I wrote about the Ashtar Command and their role in the shifts and changes that are upon us leading to the Ascension process soon to come. The Ashtar Command is friendly in every sense of the word and is representing Source by ensuring that each of us can follow our own free will (e.g. each of us can be individually sovereign) in making our choice in regards to Ascension. This is not possible unless we get balanced and truthful information and in today’s world where the media is controlled by the ruling elite, balanced and truthful information is hard to find. The ruling elite view Ascension as their mortal enemy and in a way, they are right since their present way of life as the authors of humanity’s timeline will be swept asunder and they will no longer be allowed to trample on the free will of others.
The Ashtar Command are not the only space ships in the sky as other ships from other extraterrestrials also share space and watch over us. These other ships belong to the Galactic Federation of Light and they are just as friendly and just as committed to serving humanity and supporting the Ascension process.
A little history seems appropriate. For two million years our galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy has been a battle ground between the Ankara Alliance, targeting conquest and subjugation, and the Galactic Federation of Light targeting free will and individual sovereignty. Earth was part of conquered territory and only a decade or two in the past, ships from both warring factions entered our air space. In the late 1990’s the creator god for the Ankara Alliance shifted into the Light and advised all the nations in the Alliance to do likewise. The Alliance sued for peace and as a condition, asked to become members of the Galactic Federation. This was agreed and these former members of the Alliance are now members of the Galactic Federation and are working hard to shift their home world from hierarchical military models to the Galactic Federation model of individual sovereignty. In so doing, they have removed their ships from our skies and we are now visited only by ships of long time members of the Galactic Federation of Light.
Off world support for the Earth’s ruling elite used to come from the Alliance but disappeared when the Alliance sued for peace. The Earth’s ruling elite got the same advice to shift their allegiance into the Light but chose to carry on with their plans for domination and control of Earth’s timeline. One major shift occurred which was that they now act alone without support from any off world civilization.
Why the focus on space ships in our skies and on information about their aims and objectives? The time is fast approaching when these space ships and their occupants are going to make themselves known to us. This has been a dangerous proposition up until now as the ruling elite has officially denied their presence and militarily hunted them as public enemy number one whenever the opportunity presented itself. That is all about to change as the ruling elite is about to be deposed and the off-world support humanity is currently enjoying will be part of that process. Truthful information about their aims and objectives is currently hard to find and much of humanity lives in fear of a hostile takeover.
In truth the only danger of a hostile takeover comes from our own ruling elite and the visiting spaceships and their occupants are friendly visitors who want us to be free and to follow our Divine plan for Ascension. Every spaceship currently in our airspace, and there are lots of them, is here out of friendship and support for humanity taking back their power and resuming their path to becoming a highly evolved society of individually sovereign people where each individual uses there free will to pursue their Divine path and where the cardinal rule is to respect the free will of everyone else. Isn’t that the golden rule?
Freedom for humanity…


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