Living my Mission

I have lived as a sovereign being for about six years now and I have more or less got the hang of it. What does it mean to live as a sovereign being? It means I am free to make my own choices in all matters. It means I accept that others are free to make their own choices in all matters. It means elevating the greater good above what I consider my good in all that I do. It means following my inner guidance in all matters.
Following my inner guidance was not possible until I took the step of surrendering to Divinity. Prior to that I would consult my inner guidance and consider it a factor in my decision making process but until I surrendered to Divinity and accepted that I did not have the overview or the information base to walk the path of my mission without surrendering, I would sometimes override my inner guidance and allow other factors to influence me. I was on a meditation retreat when considering the choice to surrender and found a great deal of resistance to making that choice; however, each time I entered the silence of meditation I found there was no other way. I either surrendered to Divinity and accepted that the choices made from Divinity were infallible or I continued a path that would lead somewhere but not to living my mission. Half way measures were not good enough and would only take me so far.
I surrendered to Divinity in May 2006 and for the rest of the year dealt with various fears and aspects of that choice. I found a paradox in all of this and began to experience full sovereignty in about a year. I was no longer attached to anything or anyone having surrendered everything near and dear to me. Much of this was returned but without attachments of any kind. This is the sovereign form of relationships where people are together to help each other along their sovereign journey.
Ever person is different and in my case, when I surrendered my marriage, it was not given back to me. Instead I could see it was not serving either of us and was not serving my mission. We lived together for fifteen months after I made the decision to leave and dealt with all our outstanding issues during that time. It was a great learning experience for us both as we each learned the basics of being sovereign individuals in a relationship of equals. I am eternally grateful to my ex for our nearly twenty years together and for being the perfect teacher in this learning.
As a sovereign being I have discovered that living my mission is the most important aspect of this phase of my life and my guidance has consistently been to honor my mission above all else. The sense of having a mission has been replaced by the sense of moving ever closer to fulfilling my mission and aside from a three month detour in the spring and summer of 2008, I have unfailingly pursued the path to fulfilling my mission.
Not that I am certain of what my mission entails because I am not. What I am certain of is that by living in surrender and by following my inner wisdom without fail, I move ever closer to becoming the person I was born to be and to taking the actions I was born to take. Is there a better definition of living my mission? Not that I can think of or articulate.
At present I am single and have no primary relationship and aside from the three month detour in 2008 and a short lived romance in 2011, that has been my experience. The romance in 2011 brought me information critical to my mission but when that was completed we drifted apart.
Am I living as a single by choice? No I am not. I am living as a single because that is what is being given me to do, because of the lack of opportunity, and because when opportunity knocks it has been accompanied by the inner guidance that we are not meant to be together, that living my mission will be compromised by pursuing that particular relationship. Deep down is an inner knowing that once I live my mission, once I have completed what I call the heavy lifting, my Completion will come into my life and we can celebrate the work that has been done and explore the possibility of continuing our journey back to Source together rather than as singles.
I am good with that and continue my single minded focus on living my mission.
Freedom for humanity…


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