When I’m Sixty-Four

It is now one week before my birthday on April 3 and I will be sixty-four years of age. For an original Beatles fan, that age means something, immortalized in their song by the same name. Sixty-four is also the age I will be when 12-12-12 comes along and when 12-12-21 happens. It is not an accident that I will be sixty-four for all of this; it was what I chose when choosing this embodiment.
Change is in the air and not just the seasonal change of spring and its promise of rebirth and renewal that is so dramatic in the temperate climes in which I live; but a change so dramatic and earthshaking that the world we live in will never be the same. I can safely and easily predict what will happen since so many forces and so much energy is pent up ready to burst the artificial dam that is holding it back. Predicting when is another matter entirely and I have been consistently optimistic in terms of predicting when, so take this prediction with a grain of salt. I predict the momentous change will be initiated into manifestation on or before my birthday, within the next week.
Let’s spend a little time defining the coming change. The age of duality ended five months ago on October 28. We have been in transition ever since and the ruling elite has put roadblock after roadblock in the way of a smooth and orderly transition into oneness including the continued editorial control of the world’s media that prevents the truth from coming to Light. The truth is that the battle for humanity’s timeline was long since won by those favoring oneness and abundance and the ruling elite has been resisting various attempts to get them to relinquish their power of their own free will. Behind the scenes, a plan has been put in place to arrest the ruling elite and charge them with crimes against humanity and against Mother Earth, humanity’s home in this universe. It was hoped the ruling elite would relinquish power of their own free will but that has not happened and time is running short to do all that is required so everyone can make their own free will choice regarding Ascension. Humanity has been left with no choice but to physically remove the ruling elite from their positions of power and replace them with people who support oneness and abundance.
In another time and place this transition would happen naturally and organically but because the date for Ascension was determined long ago and because the duality driven ruling elite has resisted rather than cooperating, the scenario of mass arrests has been devised and is now on the verge of being carried out. It has long been a back-up plan in the event the ruling elite used their free will to continue to roadblock Ascension and the time nears when that back-up plan becomes our shared reality.
Cosmically speaking, this is not the first time the reigning powers of a planet have become self interested and not the first time the desires of the reigning powers have been superseded by the desires of the general populace. In three D terms, the people will rise up and reclaim their power. In consciousness terms, the battle for humanity’s shared timeline has been won by those favoring freedom, equality and abundance and the ruling elite is now acting as a rouge entity preventing this shift in governmental direction from being manifest into our physical reality.
The back-up plan is now being rolled out and the first strike of arresting those responsible for maintaining duality here on our planet is eminent. How eminent? My prediction is on or before my birthday on April 3. I am not that concerned if this prediction proves overly optimistic as that is a definite possibility because when it will happen is flexible. What will happen is written in stone, written in the collective consciousness of humanity and every day, more weight is shifting toward oneness, equality and abundance. It is not a matter of if; it is only a matter of when.
Now would that be a birthday to remember…
Freedom for humanity…


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